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Can You Own Guinea Fowl as Independent Pet




Guinea fowl is the independent and easy to keep bird as pet. It can get plenty of space for living in outdoor setting. They can walk in wide space and they can lay egg anywhere of their space. It cans originate from Africa. They can lay 25 to 30 eggs and their incubated days are 26 to 28 days. It can also eat as chicken dish.

Physical appearance:


Their physical appearance looks like a hen. Their body is covered with full of feathers. Their feathers may also different pattern such as fully pearls spots on their body, partial pearls and solid color like no spots on their body. They can also much color but the popular guinea fowl color is pearl grey and dark grey. Guinea fowl male having wattles and female can also having larger helmet. Their body size is 1.3 kg. Their height is also 53 to 58 cm.

Understanding behavior:


Guinea fowl is a wild behavior so, they can’t treat as chicken. When you keep as pet then proper time is given fort they then they become friend of their owner. They can hate for touch and catching. They are wild bird so, they can pretend harsh behavior. So, take care when you keep as pet.

Feeding of guinea fowl:


They can also eat like hen and turkey food. But when you keep as pet then provide fresh greenery foods. They can also like corns happily. In their housing plenty of fresh water also provides. In winter season they required extra food.

Housing of guineas fowl:


Guinea fowl like and happily live on trees but when you keep as pet then also provide secure housing in night and long day time. In their house two secrete holes also provide. They can dislike to going dark place so proper lightning provide in their house. They can’t need separate nesting box because they can lay egg in secrete place. If you can youngster guinea fowl keep then they live in indoor of the house when they are in full sized they need to large space for living , flying and climbing.

Care of guinea fowl:


When you keep guinea fowl as pet then take care of their health. If they can prey any disease then proper check up of their veterinary doctor and treated quickly. Internal and external parasites are attack on him.


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