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Bright Colored Crimson Rosella as Pet


Crimson Rosella bright colored bird is highly demanded pet. It’s beautiful and appealing bird grabbing attention by its red and blue colors and soft nature. It’s cute and well socialized bird appropriate for aviary living.



Crimson Rosellas are adorable feathery friend native to eastern and south eastern Australia also includes New Zealand and Norfolk Island. Crimson Rosella is lively parrot found in garden and forests.



Red-colored races are known as Crimson Rosella   named and described by John Latham in 1781.  Crimson Rosella parrot are also known with different names such as red Lowry, cambell parakeet mountain Lowry, mountain parrot and pennants parakeets. In Norfolk Island they recognized as simple red parrots.

Life span:

Crimson Rosella average life expectancy is up to 20 years in captivity.



Medium size Crimson Rosella is 30cm longer have long tail in proportion to their body. Due to their red plumage they named, crimson is shade or red, as Crimson Rosella. Red body with bright blue cheeks is visible features in its appearance.  Back and  wing feather are in back color with red edges with scalloped texture  while the tail is blue and flight feathers  in wings have border blue edges that look awesome when they fly. Females Crimson Rosella  are in light color  distinguished from tail in green, under-side, while male has blue tail.



When we talk about general behaviors of Crimson Rosella they have gentle and quite nature. Well socialized and good companion. They make low voices and   speak few words.  Hand tamed Crimson Rosella are true companion. So you make then free with you then spend more time without any interval. They are not cuddly behaviors like other do not extreme behaviors. They are good bird for kid if they handle it politely. They are not good neighbor especially other species so it’s better to keep two or more Crimson Rosella in individual aviary.



Crimson Rosella are native bird live in forest and garden so they have to need natural environment. Red rosella are best for apicultural breeding. They are lovely aviary birds. Metal frame aviary is best for Crimson Rosella because they chew timber. Larger size aviary in backyard is suitable place to keep them in natural environment.  Place tree branches, planter pots and playing toys to keep it active. Perches also best for their flying.   Wire mesh aviary is recommended to breed Crimson Rosella. Provide them nesting box during breeding season.

Health and care:


Crimson Rosella are quite and delicate bird makes low voices need proper care and attention while feeding and grooming.  Provide balance and high quality food and enough water for drinking and bathing. Crimson Rosella love bathing so makes sure the availability of water in aviary.  Regularly clean their aviary to provide hygienic environment. These parrots are sensible and high susceptible to bacterial infections. Crimson Rosella are prone to obesity and psittacosis.



Crimson Rosella need balance and proper diet for good health.  They eat native grass fruits, vegetables, flower buds, herbs and seeds. You can also serve good quality pallets.  They are ground eaters also love to eat berries, leaves, and insects and chew fresh branches.

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