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How to Own ‘’Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot’’ as Pet




Blue fronted Amazon parrots are the renowned parrot breed. It can originate with South America. Blue fronted Amazon is also known as ‘’turquoise fronted Amazon’’. These parrots are kept as companion parrot. It can look as their name blue fronted in front of the head and above the beak.

Life span:


Blue fronted Amazon parrot average life span is up to 80 years.

Physical appearance:


Blue fronted Amazon parrot is look beautiful as their appearance. It is full green color parrot. They can also blue front on their forehead above the beak. Their face is yellow colored. Red touches on their flying feathers can ad brightening charm ion them. Their beak and feet is also grey black colored. Their body size is 15 to 17 inches as beak to edge of the tail.

Personality traits:


Blue fronted Amazon parrot are intelligent and loving parrots. They can attention seeker with their owner. When you can own as pet then spend most of time with their pet parrot. They are good talker parrots. They can’t afraid with any kind of danger. They are like to live with human beings families. They like to eat with their owner on dining tables.



Blue fronted Amazon parrot is active parrot so they required plenty of exercise on daily basis. I suggest the parrot owner to provide 3 to 4 hour put out the cage for their exercise. They can like climbing flying and chewing. You may also provide plenty of toys for playing and chewing.



Blue fronted Amazon parrots need grooming for beautiful appearance. They like it bath and have fun during bathing. After bathing they can dry soft towel and clean their body beak eyes and feet.



Their handling is much easier. Take out their cage and carry on their hand with soft touches. You can trained and learn tricks through their voice. They are very intelligent pet so quick to learn tricks through their handling.



Blue fronted Amazon parrots are also like as other parrot food. They can like it high quality seed mix pallets and fresh fruits and vegetables. When you can own as pet then take care about their proper diet.



Blue fronted Amazon parrots can require roomy cage for living. When you can own as pet then provide large sized cage. It can fill with aviary swings wooden bar rope swing plenty of toys food and water pots. They can face variety of temperature but care about their cage. It can place on safe place and moderate temperature.

Health and care:


When you can own as pet then proper take care about them. Provide fresh food housing and playing asserts for happily life. If they can feel in kind of disease then take away from veterinary doctor and quick start their treatment for healthy life.

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