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Black and white Long Tail Barnacle Geese Life History

Barnacle geese are well known with their English name, other scientific name is Brent. These are similar to black geese. Barnacle geese are native to north Atlantic. Geese always move in the form of flocks at least hundred together. You can enjoy barnacle geese up to 25 years.



You can easily search the barnacle goose with their black chest, crown and neck, cream color face. Male are relatively large in size as compare to female. With the upper black back their face is hooded shape. Belly, flanks and breast size is emerged in gray color. Legs feet are in black tone with long tail. Their body length is 22 to 28 long while weight is 1.21 to 2.23 kg. When geese fly v-shaped rump and silver gray under lining are appear.



Barnacles are divided into tree breeding like Svalbard, Greenland, and Novaya Zemlya. In North America breeding record of geese is nothing. These geese remain in colonies shape with small nest. Geese mostly lay 4-6 eggs. Their incubation period is just 25 days.



Barnacle geese like to eat grass and coastal plants, grassland near river, roots, herbs, moss. In winter days when grass becomes short geese try to eat insects, mollusks, and shellfish.



Geese built their nest on high mountain area where they feel save from predator. Like other geese barnacle geese don’t feet their adult when their adult at least three day they can make jump. Small size hatches feather down and has light weight that help in to protect any serious injury. Hatches take jump from high mountain nest to ground and follow their parents for food searching.

Interesting Fact Of Barnacle Geese:

These interesting birds grow 70 cm long and have wingspan 1.45 meter.

Geese migrate during hot days.

Barnacle geese eat grass and in winter season insects etc.

Geese don’t hatches their youngest, when youngest become three days jump from nest and come on land for follow their parents.

Other interesting fact about geese life is it they these can stand on their head.

To get sea food make deep jump in sea water.

Built nest on High Mountain to avoid from predator.

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