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Best Suited Owl as a Pet Bird

Owl as a pet bird is a wonderful challenge. In some countries becoming owner of owl you first take permission to government. Like in united state people don’t allow to enjoy owl as pet. You must knowing proper knowledge about their food, nature, and habitat than show you are good gardeners of pet owl. In native America owl bird are symbolize with death signal. Here we introduce with you best knowledge about owl life.


•    Barn owl

•    Long-eared owl

•    Laughing owl

•    Little owl

•    Burrowing owl

Life span:

Owl have long life, generally an owl can live more than 30 years. But small owl spends their life just 10 years.

Physical appearance:

All breeds of owl have same body structure. They have small and large hooked beak with facing eyes. Interesting features about owl is that they can look back directly and move their head at 180 angles. Their body size is 5 to 28 inches.


Owls are carnivores and they need proper diet. They are so brilliant and hide the left food for eating the next day.

Health and care:

Proper care and health must require the owl bird. You must take first out training than enjoy with pet owl.


If you want to know about owl behavior they like to take hunting in night time. Owl cannot see in day light properly so night darkness helps them in searching their prey.


Owl birds are highly sensitive. It’s so difficult to understand but really owls have best hearing sense than human. Due to highly level hearing features they can easily find out their prey that not seen with eyes.


Like other bird owl also have two layers of feathers. Upper layer of feather keep them protect from harsh environment and down layer provide protection form cold weather.

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