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Welsh terrier Non-Shed Dog as Family Pet


Keeping a Welsh terrier is plus point as it bring lot of fun and pleasance in your life. Welsh terrier is curious and energetic dog easily adjust with friends, young and adults. It well personality dog bind you which his silly antics. They have spunky bull terrier like attitude. He’s intelligent and brave dog.

Life span:

Average life expectancy of Welsh terrier dog is 13-15 year in captivity.



Welsh terrier firstly developed in Britain’s Northern Lake District. This dog originated from Wales and United Kingdom. This dog first bred for hunting fox, rat, rodents and badgers. These dogs consider the oldest Terrier breed in united state.

Physical description:


Welsh terrier is medium side dog18-19 inches longer in height and has 15-25 pound weight. Generally Welsh terrier is two color dog tan color head while underbelly and leg are in black or grizzle Saddle. Sometime Welsh terrier completely breeds in tan color. These compact dog also known as dock tail dog. Undocked tail dog have just one inch longer tail not make visible difference in dog appearance.

Rectangular body, brick like face in oval shape are visible body characteristic of this dog. These dogs have great resemblance with miniature Airedale. They have double layer coat. Undercoat has abrasive fur which protests them from dirt and the season effects. Sometime Welsh terrier completely breeds in tan color. Welsh terrier are non-shedding dog that why they consider ideal dog for allergies sufferers.



Welsh terrier is pure terrier breed have independent and confident personality. They are energetic and active nature lives happy with active owners. They love to accept challenges. Once you give them a challenge they never back down until they complete it. Their mischievous behaviors are another plus point as it become as greater reason on your face. Welsh terrier are socialized, affectionate and friendly natured of style happy with children as both have same attitude.

Living conditions:


Welsh terrier is smart and active dog easily set in every situation. They are well organized and gentle dog best for indoor living. Their non-shedding characteristic makes him best pet for apartment living families.  Set comfortable and clean bedding in peaceful area of the home.



Welsh terrier is active and energetic dog need high quality nutrition.  They love to eat meat, chicken, rats and rodents. Dry kibble food is best for them. Avid to serve soft food as it lead to different health issues.



Welsh terrier has curly and thicker coat do not shed hair. They need proper grooming. Comb their coat two and three time in a week to remove dead hairs of skin oils. Coat shaping after three month is best to make him good looking. Clipping and stripping are two major steps required while shaping dog coat.  Daily teeth brushing are good for his health.



Welsh terrier has stronger bone body. They are active and playful dogs required daily exercise. Take them for a walk in morning or evening. Choose safest area for walk. Give plenty of time to play with toys and other puzzles games. Moderate walk on leash assume best for these dogs. Provide easy access to home backyard where he spends pleasant time in playing and doing different activities.



It’s easy and pleasant moment to train Welsh terrier as they are independent and intelligent dog. With short training period and different activates are best for their full involvement otherwise you better know what the terrier is. They are independent streaks traits do not listen what other says.

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