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Watchful Bernese mountain dog as Pet


Peaceful, good-looking, gentle, loyal are features that you want to look in your pet dog is found in Bernese mountain dog. It best family pets affectionate with kids and faithful toward their owner. These are versatile and brilliant working dogs work perfectly in farms and cattle. Bernese mountain dogs are larger size breed that one from Swiss mountains dogs generally named as sennenhund type dogs. Bernese mountain dog origin to Switzerland

Other names


Berner sennen

Berner sennenhund

Bernese cattle dog

Life span

These dogs have average 7 to 8 year life expectancy in captivity.



Longer body Bernese mountain dog have flat and broad head, strong muzzle, sharper teeth just like scissors bite, triangular ears, and stronger body structure as they best live without exercise. Bernese mountain dogs have approximately 80-120lb weight with 23- 28 inch height. Double coated Bernese mountain dog is in rust, white, black coat colors.



Bernese mountain dog is playful and loving dogs affectionate with kid and family members. They are amazing natural watch dogs full of self confidence. Bernese mountain dog are active, intelligent, gentle and all time alert dogs that behave genteelly with other pets dogs, most people prefer Bernese mountain dog to keep them as watch dog in their farm house. These are slow learner dogs need patience and gentle behaviors. Bernese mountain dog does not live to show their natural leadership and behave like a baby. Bernese mountain dogs as family dogs like to live with their mats and puppies.



Bernese mountain dog is cute and eye-pleasing digs love to live in outdoor places like back yard. They freely move in backyard and stay in kennels.   Choose larger size kennel as they freely move inside it. Its kennels also need proper cleaning. Bernese mountain dog lives in cold places as their coat is not suitable for warmer areas. These dogs best live in country side areas not suitable for apartment living.



Bernese mountain dogs are quick gain weight so give them balance diets. Avoid them over weight. Good quality dry food, chunks of meat, beef and chicken is its favorite foods.



Bernese mountain dog have long coat with higher shedding so it need daily or weekly brushing to remove dead hairs especially in shedding season as they are heavy shedder . Dry shampoo or bath   gives when you need necessary.



There is numerous health issues find in Bernese mountain dog due to their genetic foundation. Bernese mountain dogs are largely prone to critical diseases like bloat, cancer, eyelid problems. Elbow and hip dysplasia is largely seemed in these dogs.



Bernese mountain dog is active dog yet they need regular exercise as they gain weight that critical for their health. Take them for regular walk especially in cold nights.

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