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How to Train Your Deaf Dog

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It’s uphill battle to live with deaf dog of puppies. You have to adopt carful and conscious attitude deaf dog   caring. It   tricky job to communicate with deaf dog as they involve with you and spend good time.  Some dogs are deaf at the birth but most pet dog losing hearing ability with ear infections, nerves disorder and aging effect. You are great as you adopt deaf dog as pet.  While breeding a deaf dog you must have to know that it needs patience and commitment.  Deaf dog training is little bewildering task as it take time, effort and extra energy.

Basic Thing Must Be Considered First:

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1.    Be patience when you train your deaf dog.
2.    Visit any web page to get general deaf dog training information helpful to you.
3.    Know the sings to communicate with dog.
4.    Firstly concentrate on sit, stand, run, stay, come and stop and then do more.
5.    Keep you deaf dog on leash while walking.
6.    Thump on floor with fist to get deaf dog attention.
7.    Start training when you puppy is 3 year older. Above 5-6 year old dog leant more than 50 signs.

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8.    Keep your hand near the dog nose or gently touch it body at same place that your dog feel you smell   and always sty beside you during walking.
9.    Reward are best in deaf dog learning process especially food rewards.
10.    Select vibrating collar to getting dog attentions.
11.    Leach and fence are important to keep dog secure.
Learn Deaf Dog Language:
If you deiced to live with deaf dog lean new way to communicate with dogs.  Facial expression, vibration and signs are introduced provide great support to live with deaf dogs.  They also responded to lights.
Sing To Communicate With Deaf Dogs:

1.    Pointing finger:

PIC BY GEOFF ROBINSON PHOTOGRAPHY 07976 880732. PIC SHOWS VICKY POINTING THE COMMAND 'STAY DOWN'  A DEAF dog has amazed trainers by beating of thousands of non-disabled dogs to pass the toughest obedience award in the UK - after learning sign language.   Top dog Zippy, a two-year-old black and white Boston Terrier, was born profoundly deaf and for the first months of his life he was trapped in a world of his own.   But owner Vicky Tate, 65, (PICTURED) trained him using her own arm and leg signals and incredibly he has just passed the Kennel Club's HIGHEST award for obedience with flying colours.   Zippy had to learn seven difficult commands for The Good Citizen Dog Scheme (GCDS) Gold award, which even dogs without a disability find hard.   "A lot of dogs which can hear were struggling with the exam so I was really surprised that he did so well," said Vicky. SEE COPY CATCHLINE Deaf dog uses sign lang to pass award.

Point finger in directions is great ideas to teach dog sent it somewhere. You also use this signal for asking him to fetch something near to you.

1.    Open hand down:

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Open hand in down is natural movement quickly learn by dog which is use to ask him sit down.

2.    Thump up:

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If you want to say good to get the best signal it thumps-up expression. It’s told you deaf dog that it work in good way or   allow him to do that work.

3.    Okay sign:

Okay sign is also used to say yes or good. Its best replacement with thump up expression works in positive way.

4.    Two finger  pointed at eye:

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If your dog does some wrong thing and you want to alter him that you are watching him.  The place two fingers in eyes to give clear warning that restrict dog for bad doings.

5.    Timeout sign:

If you want to said leave it to time is out the use this sign.  It also   shows to asking him to drop the thing.  This one is clear symbol do not confuse you dog.

Keeping Dog on Leash:

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This one is not wise decision to take you dog out without keeping it on leash.  It’s necessary to keep dog on leash when you are going on walk, shopping, park and accompanied you when going outside. Different vibrating collar and leashes are available in market for deaf dogs.  Leash allows the deaf dog owner to walk confidently with dog.  Don’t keep them on leach in home.

Getting Deaf Dog Attention:

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If you dog are far away from reach and do not pay attention on you call that you can get its attention.  There are different situation   need different sing to getting deaf dog attention. If you are walk behind the dog when go outside the feet vibration but if he is not responding the slight touch it body or blowing in the dog’s back. Dog is across the room just stomp your feet to grabs dog attention. The dog feels vibration and turn around.

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Sometime turn on and off lighting is also effective to getting dog attention in home.  When the dog is playing out of the house   in day time toss a ball near deaf dog to get its attention. While in darker night attract with dog by garage or porch lights.

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