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Trailing Ears Eco-Friendly Basset Hound Puppies


Basset hound puppies name was derived from the French word “bas”. The word bas mean low. Short legs based dog makes hound family. This breed of dog grows in to two color form one is bicolor and other tricolors. Instead of short legs basset dog bones weight is high and have great sense of smelling



Basset dog have short legs, long and solid body, and a curved shape tail. On their body skin make hanging structure, while skin hanging face show them sad and give charm beauty to them. Trailing ears are long in size as compare to other dog. Basset dog can now make swimming due to their short but strong legs.

Life and weight:


Adult basset dog body weight falls between 20 and 35 kilogram. Basset hound puppies can enjoy their life 16.7 years.


This breed of dogs makes eco-friendly behavior with kids and other pet. Basset dog have playing, tolerance and outgoing habit. Basset hound puppies almost have good and peace nature with everyone. You can give training to your Basset hound puppies with the reward of food and praise.

Health and Care:


With their pendulous ears basset hound puppies give lovely appearance. If you don’t make clean and dry then their ear then they get serious injury of ears. Eye diseases like cherry eye, glaucoma, eyelid abnormalities fall down in basset hound puppies. Area under the basset hound puppies’ eyeball collects dust and then result show in the form of eye diseases. You should give them exercise that best for their long life and keep active.



You should set a schedule for your basset hound puppies’ feeding. Young puppies need more diet as compare to old once. Below listed down the age and feeding time for your basset puppies follow it,

Age fall down in 6 to 12 week: give diet 4 time in a day

12 week to onward: twice time in a day

6 month to up: just 2 time in a day


The above timing of feeding is just for your guide line not in real.

You should follow the puppies eating behavior and his thinking. Food for puppies should every time available and provide him when he wants. Food like minerals, vitamin and fast are needed for puppies’ best health.

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