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Top 11 Dog Breeds Don’t Shed


Are you looking for non-shedding and hypoallergenic dog breed to keep your home free from hairs? Sometime it feels bad when you seem hair all around. Most pet owner facing different allergies just like me do not in position to keep high shedding dog as pet.  Low shed and non-shedding dog are best option for dog owner. Along with allergies solution these breed bring pet owner in comfort zone as they need fewer grooming then other dog shed higher. Here we bring the top 15 non-shed dog breeds for you.

Tibetan terrier:


Tibetan terrier is non shed log breed having dense double coat. Outer coat covered with wavy and straight longer hairs. These are ideal indoor pets having dependable personality. They are social and affectionate with children. They shed at lower rate that why they need lower groom. Just comb their coat twice in a week. They are bet for those who face dog allergies.

Maltese terrier:


Rounded skull, black button like nose and brown eyes are the visibly characteristic of Maltese dog breed. They are hardly and smaller size dog have long silky and soft coat.  Maltese are non-shedding dog breed that way considered the most popular breed among allergy sufferers. If we talk about their personality then it better to say that they are gentle, Loyal, Playful and devoted animal. It’s true companion best for those who live in apartments.

Brussels griffon:


Brussels griffon is bold, confident and playful packed with greater personality. He average size dog originated from Belgium. It’s not wrong to say that Brussels griffon is active and lively dog spend most of time in playing and naughty activities. Stronger body, bigger heart is the main characteristic. They are sensitive and closely bond to their owner.  They do not aggressive even they spend good time with other dog and pets. They also have hypoallergenic features which make them favorite among allergies suffer families.

Chinese shar Pei:


Deep wrinkle and blue-black tough make Chinese shar Pei distinctive from other breeds.  Smaller era, high set thick and round tail Chinese shar Pei dog have bristle-like coat. Flat head, wide muzzles and almond shape eyes are the physical featured of this dog.  Weekly coat brushing and bathing is best for these dog which keep dogs away from silk problems.


Dachshund are found in there different varieties according to their coat they. Short hair, long hair and wirehaired Dachshund dog are also known as earth don. Dachshund Firstly originated in Germany considered as hunting dog, these dog g inside the burrows to hunt the prey. Short hair and wirehaired dog are best option of allergic suffer pet owners. They are clever, affectionate, brave and proudly natured dogs love to travel.

Border terrier:


Rough coated Border terrier is good natured and lively dog. Generally these dogs are bred for fox hunting purposes. They have dense short undercoated which cover with wiry topcoat. Red, tan and grizzle are the main coat color of Border terrier gods. They shed little hairs and also have hypoallergenic features. They need weekly brushing and periodical stripping for tidy look.

Bichon fries:


Bichon fries are small yet smart dog breed have fluffy white coat look like a toy. It cute and lovely dog originated from France. They are intelligent and cunning natured dog to do mischief. This double coated dog breed has soft and dense undercoat while the outer coat make of substantial textures. Both under and outer coat are in soft and silky form. It feels like you touch a fluffy toy when you take it in hands.

Shish Tzu:


Shish Tzu are social. Friendly and loyal dog breed do not shed. They also knew as little lion.  They live happily each situation. They enjoy outdoor living. Shish Tzu closely bound to their owner as they love to follow their owner from room to room.  Shish Tzu has gorgeous coat in white black, grey, black white and red& white colors. Long and silky hair coat just need daily brushing and bathing when you considered necessary.

Toy poodle:


Poodle is the most popular and demanding pet in the world due to their intelligence and non-shedding characteristics.  They are highly hypoallergenic dogs. Toy poodles are suitable for those who do not like hairs over their beds, sofas and cushions. They are in square appearances and also know as show dog.  Rounded skull, longer and straight muzzle, High carried tails are the appealing physical features of poodle dogs.



Havanese is idea pet for families as they are affectionate and friendly natures, they behave well with children and other pets. They are social and gentle nicknamed as “Velcro dog” due to the bounding with their owner. They have thicker and silky soft coat lighter in weight. Coat may have straight or curly long hairs.  They are show dog.

Chinese crested:


Chinese crested is hairless dog breed also known as hypoallergenic dog. They just have soft and silky powder-puff which make them beautiful and attractive.  They are agile and active dogs originated from Africa. Chinese crested dog are popular due to their fairy tale look. Head, tail, ears and foot covered with soft hair fur which looks beautiful. This dog shed nothing. Hair may break when you comb fur.

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