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Tibetan Mastiff as Active Guarded Pet



Tibetan Mastiff is the large sized dog bread. They can massive and giant dog. It can usually used as guard dog for cattle, sheep and poultry. Their origin is nomadic areas such as china, Nepal, India and Mongolia region.

Life span;

Tibetan Mastiff approximately life span is 12 to 15 years.

Physical characteristic;


Tibetan Mastiff is the large sized dog that can have sturdy bone structure. They can have broad wrinkled head and large black nose. Their upper lips are covered with lower lips. They can also having almond shaped brown colored eyes can prominent on their face. V-shaped ear can also affix near the head. They can also having strong feathering legs and toes. Tibetan Mastiff weight is 140 to 170 pounds. Their height is usually 25 to 28 inches. They can also having number of colors such as blue-grey, brown, black and red colored with white making spots.

Personality traits;


Tibetan Mastiff is the courageous and loyal dog. They can loyal of their owner and properly completed their duty on night time. They are guarding dog bark in outdoor but quit in indoor setting. They are well mannered and well trained dog that can keep as pet. They are friendlier with children and their owner.

Tibetan Mastiff socialization;


Tibetan Mastiff is good socialized breed that can quickly socialize with their owner and their children. They cannot trust any stranger without socialization. They can show aggressive behavior with any stranger people and children.



Tibetan Mastiff can need proper walk on daily basis. When you keep as pet then take care of their daily walk. You should daily walk for fulfilling their migration instinct.



When you keep as pet then take care of their grooming. You should brush their hairs on daily basis for smoothly body look. It is more essential because they fell in allergy problems. So, take care of their cleaning and grooming.



Their large body is required excess food. They can require 4 to 6 cup of highly quality dog food on daily basis. When you keep as pet then provide highly quality food.



Tibetan Mastiff dogs are not active in indoor setting. They can also live in apartment happily. When you keep as pet then provide proper housing facilities for saving environmental conditions. Dog house is constructing outdoor of their house because they are guarder dog they can take care of your property.

 Health and care;


Tibetan Mastiff dog are more sensitive dog. They can fall in number of disease such as hip dysplasia skin and ear infection, thyroid problem and allergies. So, proper take care of their health with proper veterinary check up when they fell in fetal disease. When you keep as pet then proper take care of their health.

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