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Small Size Loyal Corgi Puppies’ Life Fact


Corgi dog is well known with their full name Pembroke welsh corgi. Corgi dog have two breeds such as Welsh corgi and other one is Cardigan Welsh corgi. Corgi one of the smallest dogs also has been favored many royal families. Queen Elizabeth also like corgi dog and make them pet in her reign. This breed of dog comes under the intelligence dog list. Here we listed down all facts about corgi puppies as pet. Enjoy this information for your pet puppies.



Welsh corgi dog naturally grow in erect movement. Corgi breeds of dog have small body size with foxy head. Difference between Pembroke welsh and cardigan welsh is short some Pembroke Welsh corgi are born with short tail or missing that give interesting look. Corgi puppies body skin is filled with fluffy hair that grow in red, black, brown. Male body weight is between 24 to 31 ponds and female 24 to 28.

Life and Size:


Corgi puppies can enjoy life up to 12 years. Their body size mostly 6 to 7.



Corgi puppies can make watchdog due to their loyal and lovely behavior with human. These are mostly seeing as working and family pet dog. You can easily train your corgi puppies as you like. Corgi puppies make friendly behavior with children and wonderfully are active. Corgi breed of dog some time nipping the owner heel with love but if you want than stop them to do this activity.

Health and care:


As above we have discuss that corgi puppies are active dog they need to take exercise each day. These doges don’t make jump on couch and sofa due toothier long body and short legs. As these dogs are born active but like other animal also become prone in any harsg weather condition. When you buy corgi puppies as pet mush consult with a good breeder that help out you to understand the puppies’ health problem. Puppies fall down in these diseases like cataracts, epilepsy, and degenerative, hip dysplasia.



For your corgi puppies dry fruit 1.5 cups are best meals. The batter diet for your puppies keeps them healthy and active. According to the national academies 25 ponds calories must need to your corgi puppies. You can give them three time males in a day the food quantity depend on the body size of pet.

Living Environment:


Corgi likes to live with their owner fine apartment make best housing, Puppies in this way can take more exercise and enjoy.



Make brush on the teeth of your corgi puppies at daily bases. You must provide them a bath as needed. After passing two week brush their body hair to remove the dust and also keep them safe from germs. Trim the nail of corgi puppies’ one time in a month it will help them to take any serious injury. Pick up the cotton buds and clean their ear.

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