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Short Leg Welsh corgi Dog as Family Pet


Wales originated Pembroke Welsh Corgi and cardigan Welsh corgi are two herding dog types smaller in size grouped as Welsh corgi dog. These dig are smaller compact and cute breeds have considerable history which originally lumped both breeds together by kennel club.



Welsh corgi are found   about 3000year ago in Wales which brought by Celts warrior tribe from Cardiganshire. Teckle family is known as earlier breeder of these dogs. While Pembroke Welsh corgi is devolved by breeding spitz -type dogs with original corgi dogs. Historically welsh corgi dog used for cattle herding. In 1933 welsh dogs carried in united state by Mrs. Lewis Roesler who was American breeder. This breed as know from royal family belongings.


Cardigan Welsh corgi


Cardigan Welsh corgi have short or medium length coat with heart texture. Their coat is waterproof and shed hairs two times in a year. Adult cardigan has average 30-38 pound weight with a height of 10.5-12.5 inched. They are in any color with or without white marks.

Pembroke Welsh corgi


Sable, fawn, red, purple or black& tan color Pembroke Welsh Corgi with or without white makes  have medium length coat with undercoat straight dense. Pembroke Welsh Corgi has 10-12 inched height with average 30 pound weight. Their weight not exceeds then 30 pounds or 17 kg.

If we talk about overall corgi dog appearance them it better to sat that corgi are long body and short leg dogs. They have robust body with heavy bones structures and high energy level.



Welsh corgi is high energy level need regular walk and exercise to maintain its muscles toes. Some corgi need less exercise yet other need extra struggle to manage their energy level. Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog need enough exercise and mental stimulation then other dogs short walk and long time playing opportunity is best for them.



Welsh corgi is herding dogs so you always found them in chasing other animals. They frequently and loudly bark on each sound and single look. They are more intelligent and independent dog not tolerate training pushovers. They are willful and own mind dog love versatility. Corgi dog are good learner with manipulative power. Corgi are good watch dog alerts your quickly if someone open the door. They behave nicely with other animals. They shoe loyalty toward their owner.



Welsh corgi   has heavy shedding as you find their fur and hair on carpet, clothes, beddings, on furniture and countertop even in foods. Regularly groom their coat by brushing and combing.


Welsh corgi   is indoor and outdoor pet. They feel anxiety when alone inside the home. But feel Owner Company all the then when he is in home. Some corgis are also live in backyards and become work as watchdog. But there high barking   insist your to take them inside the home that they do not disturb your neighbors.



Corgi dog dance for food is amazing fact that shows their intention toward food. They need proper food for good health and active living.

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