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Samoyed Dog as Lovely Companion Pet

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Samoyed dog is the large bread of herding dog with thick white double layer coat. Their name is taken from Samoyedic people of Siberia. Their nickname is Sammy. This pretty white layered coat dog is most beautiful dog of the world. Pretty look medium sized dog can get center of attention on people eyes.  People also keep as pet as their physical trait or their personality traits.


Russia or Siberia

Life span:

Samoyed dog approximately life span is 12 to 14 years.

Physical appearance:

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Samoyed dog is medium sized furry dog. They can also having black or brown eyes in almond shaped.  Their ears are thick fur covering. Their ears are erect and triangular in shape. Their ears are white but also having in light to dark brown. Their tail is also curled over the back. They can also having double layered dense coat.  Their top coat is straight guard hair in white but also having hint of the silver coloring.  White furry fluffy coat can inspire their beauty. As their physical appearance people can like to keep as pet.


Their maximum height is 1 foot 7 inches to 2 feet.


Their body weight is 50 to 60 pounds.

Coat color:

White and biscuit, cream and biscuit

Personality traits:

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Samoyed dog are lively and happy dog that can live as companion dog. As their soft nature people keep as pet their home setting.  These dogs are good with their owner children. They are great family dog.  This dog can also announce the visitor who can came in first time on your home. They can announce through barking but they are not guard dog. They are companion family dog as their sweet nature. They tend favor those person who give the food or take exercise. They can attach with their owner.



Samoyed dog is need to long daily walk and like to play games. They can dog agility trials. They can play fly ball tracking mushing herding weight pull showmanship.


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Grooming of the Samoyed dog is done on daily basis especially on shedding time.  Keep clean their pet Samoyed dog. Daily brushing on their furry coat must take. Clean their ears nose and eyes also on daily basis. Trim their nails or furry cat regularly for best grooming.

Living condition:

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Samoyed dog is the indoor dog. They can active in indoor apartment setting if provide some exercise.

Litter size:

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Their maximum litter size is 4 to 6 puppies.

Health and care:

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Samoyed dog are basically healthy dog but they can fall in some disease. They can fell is glaucoma, hip dysplasia, Samoyed hereditary Ghlomerulopathy, hypothyroidism, progressive retinal atrophy and cancer. These some dangerous disease can also cause of their death. When you can feel some symptoms then quickly take out fro their veterinary doctor.  Annually checkup is also must for pet owner responsibility.
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