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“Powerful” Briard Dog as Excellent “Watch Dog”

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Ancient bread “Briard” dog is originated from France. This dog bread is first time in 1863 famous in Paris dog show. In late 19 century Briard dog can known 1928 by AKC. This dog is known as guard and herder dog. In late century his dog bread is worked as guard dog and learns most of commands. So, people keep to as farm dog for responsibility of their crops.  Because most of sheep are enter in crops rows and eat the crops so, Briard dog can care their crop in day and night times.  This dog bread is very alert and known as watch dog. Now days, Briard dog bread is also famous for “guarding” and best “watch dog”.

Life span:

Briard dog maximum life expectancy is 10 to 12 years.

Physical description:

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Powerful “Briard” dog is large sized dog. As their appearance, they look pretty and easy to handle so, people can keep as pet in home setting. They are also excellent companion dog. They can have rectangular shaped large sized head. On their face square shaped nose is prominent with back colored open nostrils. They can also have long Mustaches and beard. They can also having large size black brown colored dark eyes are set at wide. Their eyes are completely covered with their hairs. They can also having cropped ears. Their scissors bite teeth is also very strong. They can also have strong large sized legs. As a whole powerful   Briard dog is looking pretty.


Briard male dg average height is 24 o 27 inches and female dog height is 22 to 25 inches.


Their maximum weight is 75 pounds.

Coat color:

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Their coat color is black fawn and grey color.

Personality traits:

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Watch dog “Briard” is very active and alert dog bread. They can also know as work dog by nature. They are very sensitive and obedient dog. So, they can easily trainable.  At starting, Briard dog is trained according to your choice. This “sweet natured”   Briard dog need to socialization at early age especially when children t your home. As their sweat and gentle nature people can keep a pet at home. They can also know as best companion family dog.


Briard dog are basically a work dog so, they needed plenty of exercise and long daily walk.  They can also happy to run alongside of your bicycle. These dogs are jogging lover and they have best companion when you can jog. They can also enjoy swimming. Briard dog are known as guard dog.


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Goat like Briard dog coat is looking beautiful. They can have strong but harsh coat. You may also need to groom well.  This pretty and healthy dog t needs grooming.  When you can keep a pet then must give some time for grooming on daily basis on in a week. Trim their extra dead hair on their coat or pads. Clean their ears and eyes for cotton buds. Keep clean your pet puppy and make healthy your Briard dog.

Living condition:

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Briard dog love to indoor living and also like to outdoor living and going to walk. They are best companion dog and like to live at home as “family pet”.

Litter size:

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Briard dog normally litter size is 8 to 10 puppies. (But in one study 17 puppies are studied.)


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Briard dog can required 3 to 4 cups of high quality dry food. This food is divided into two meals per day.


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Briard dog bread is basically healthy dog bread. Work dog “Briard” is an active dog but they can suffer from some problems.

•    Hip dysplasia
•    elbow dysplasia
•    hypothyroidism
•    progressive retinal atrophy
•     bloat
•     congenital stationary night blindness
•     stomach torsion

When you can see your pet puppy in any condition then quickly take away your veterinary doctor and treatment started for good health.

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