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Pomeranian Puppies as Curious-Intelligent Pets


Pomeranian is the small sized breed dog. It is active and capable dog that keep as pet. Pomeranian puppy can belong to central Europe. It is also called toy breed that can people like it and kept as pet. Pomeranian is the cute and furry dog that can look gorgeous. Pomeranian dog is intelligent dog that can loyal the owner and their families. Due to their loyalty people can like it and keep in their home as pet.

Life span;

Their average life span is 12 to 16 year old.

Physical traits;


Pomeranian puppy is small sized dog that can featured with wedge shaped head, dark shade almond shaped medium eyes and small erect ears. It cans also having straight and flat feathered tail can enhancing their beauty charm. Pomeranian puppy is also having 8 to 12 inches height at shoulder. Their body weight is 3 to 7 pounds.

Pomeranian Body color;


Pomeranian is small sized good looking puppy. They can also having wide variety of colors. Their body color is white, orange, cream, brown, wolf sable, orange sable and parti- color. It is cute soft colored puppy that is reason people keep as pet.

Pomeranian puppy Behavior;


Pomeranian is the wonderful companion and loyal puppy. They are curious about their environment. They are alert and energetic and get information around them. They are attention seekers dog. They are watch dog that can bark any unusual activity. There are more intelligent which based good trainer dog. Pomeranian puppies are also having good temperament. They can also happy when meet new peoples.



Pomeranian puppies are like dry dog food. When you keep as pet then take care of their food. Their food requirement is ½ cup high quality dog food in whole day with two times. You should provide required food when you keep as pet.



They can like apartment living. When you keep as pet then provide indoor shelter with good temperature. They cannot live in high temperature in hot weather. When you keep as pet then take care of their hose with good temperature. Their house is wide and ventilated. You should also placed food and water dishes in their house.



Pomeranian puppies need walk on daily basis. When you keep as pet then take care of their daily walk. You can also provide playing time which they can play with toys and other group pets.



Pomeranian is also having long double coated skin. They can need brush for their hairs. They can also need cleaning of their eye, ears and whole body. They can also need dental check up on daily basis. When you keep as pet then proper take care of their cleaning and hair or tooth brushing. Shampoo is also used when they need it.

Health and care;


Pomeranian puppies are usually healthy breed but some time they fell in diseases. They can fell in some diseases such as allergies, eye problems, tooth problem, hip dysplasia, collapsed trachea, epilepsy and Legg-Perthes disease. You should proper take care and regular check up for their veterinary doctor.

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