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Pint-Sized Chihuahua Dog as Pet


Chihuahua has eccentric personality that makes it distinct from other breeds. It loyal, placid and bold pet origin to Mexico. Chihuahua is smaller breed available in variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. They also have different head shapes and coat length. Chihuahuas has controversial and puzzling history that there are different theories about the origin of this breed. Some theories side that it origin form china and other theory said that these breeds are native to central and south America yet folklore and archaeological finding says that Chihuahua originated in Mexico.



Pint- size c are smaller in size as they found in 15 to 25 cm long with a weight of 4 to 6lb master of his universe have appealing look and interesting personality stashed   which make it favorite pet. Chihuahua has big eyes, big ears, verity of coat and pattern. Basically Chihuahuas have short hair (smooth coat and long haired coat with solid marks or splashes.  White, black, tan coat color looks common in Chihuahua dog but they also have other color coat.

Types of Chihuahua

Long-coat Chihuahua


These dogs have different colored long haired coat with apple and dear head shapes. These dogs also vary in legs length as some have smaller leg and other have long legs.

Smooth-coat Chihuahua


Short hair or smooth coat Chihuahua found in different combinations also varied in head and legs shape like long coated Chihuahua.

Apple-head Chihuahua


Round apple domed head is generally named as apple-head which is accepted by show rings. Apple –head Chihuahua head has great resemblance with an apple.

Deer-head Chihuahua


Deer-head Chihuahua head also has resemblance with deer head shape. Deed head Deer-head Chihuahua are more attractive and elongated head then apple head Deer-head Chihuahua.   Slanted stop, long body and tall legs features make it more delightful.

Pear-head Chihuahua


Pear-head Chihuahua is less familiar or undesirable breed as their head shape is similar to deer-head Chihuahua yet it head is like pear shaped with prominent muzzle spots.

Teacup Chihuahua


Teacup Chihuahua also named as miniature or micro Chihuahua is unique and popular breed. Teacup is not for it appearance it keep due to its smaller size as it fitted in teacup as they rang in 2 to 8 lb in size.

What Good in Chihuahua


Chihuahua is loyal, loving and affectionate personality it has eccentric personality as sometime they are bold or sometime they behave like a timid dog. They are confident yet feel nervous and stubborn become eager to please that make it unique and popular. They love with their owner and happy to spend more time with them. These are family dogs   do not feel good with boisterous kids. Swift-moving Chihuahua is graceful and intelligent dog show curiosity and loyalty to their owner. They are good travelers as you feel pleasure in long drive in their company.

What Not Good In Chihuahua


Chihuahua is fragile like a toy needs more attention and care that need your time and efforts. Their notorious behavior may not good for you as they are housebreaking as you have to spend more timing to teach them how to use litter box especially in cold and winter conditions. They do not like children and become aggressive when look children.

Life span


Chihuahua approximately lives about 10 to 18 years in captivity.



Chihuahua is good home rood yet need a freedom to run from door t door that good for it exercise. V is not outdoor dog yet takes them out of house for walking or travelling for a change. You can place its   kennel anywhere in home but have to clean out their bedding ones in a week. Need warmth environment as she hates cold in winter season you seem them tunnel under blankets and towels.



Chihuahua also known as restaurant dog need for food. They love meat so give then chicken, fish, lamb or beef to provide them enough amount of protein.



Chihuahua dog have good heath as there is no major concerns about their health yet pulmonic stenosis, hydrocephalus, patellar luxation and hypoglycemia problem seem in Chihuahua dog in miner scale.

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