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Old English Sheepdogs Cute Curly Coated Pet

Old English sheepdogs are amorous and benevolent pet have friend attitude live happily with family and kids. Old English sheepdogs are larger dog have long coat origin from England nicknamed as bob-tails. Old English sheepdogs are cute and gentle dogs have not proper records yet it assume that old English sheepdogs are developed from earlier herding dogs. Firstly old English sheepdogs named as Shepherded dog” but now it named as old English sheepdogs. Old English sheepdogs are exported in 1907 to united state and after that in 1980 more the ten royal America families bred old English sheepdogs as pet till that time it is popular dog breed for pet lovers.


Old English sheepdogs are double curly coated dog length between 22 -24 inches and weighted up to 90 pounds larger in size and found in different color variations. Black with white, black, grizzle, blue merle with optional white marks and blue are different shades of Old English sheepdog coat. Fur covering face and eyes give it cutest and pretty look. Old English sheepdogs are generally docked tail animals but in these days tail old English sheepdogs are much common. Hang down ears are flat lie to the head that give charming look.

Life span

Old English sheepdogs   are live up to 12 years with good health.


Old English sheepdogs are socialized, gentle and friendly in nature. They are independent dogs have remarkable humor sense. These dogs are protective but not guardians. Old English sheepdog easily adjusts with family of owner and other pet. Chewing and digging are also some features generated in Old English sheepdogs. Male Old English sheepdogs are little aggressive and like independency that why they are favorite Hollywood animal. They are hard working and active dogs may become a challenge for as they dismay their owner with their antics.


Old English sheepdogs are excellent family dogs make good pet live indoor and outdoor spaces of homes. They feel happy to live with family if family is inside the home you can found them their or if they are in garden Old English sheepdogs also in garden. Chaining an Old English sheepdogs make them aggressive.

Health and care

Old English sheepdogs are active dog yet they need proper exercise with they are adult. They have strong willed mind trained with confident trainer. They need patient hands when they become friendly. Old English sheepdogs are cleaned nature have thick and long coat that required daily brushing and pinning. Frequent bathing and coat treatment also keep them energetic and active. Give some task to do then to make them happy. As we know they are herding dogs like competition and challenges.

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