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Obedient Pyrenees Dog Life Fact With Detail Pictures



Hundred years ago Pyrenees gods were used around Basque people. This breed of dogs is essential for those who want to raise animal wool for livestock purpose. Generally Pyrenees dogs are defender of sheep and goats. Due to its natural guardian these are helpers and trusted with small kids, youngest and other animal. Calm and well manner dog perform patience when owner train it. You can enjoy it as pet animal know learnt about its life from below!


Other Name:

•    Pyrenees mountain dog
•    Patou
•    Chien-de-montagne-des Pyrenees
•    Pyrenean dog

Life Span:

10 to 12 years

Coat Color:

•    Reddish brown
•    White with gray marks
•    Badger
•    White with tan marks


Body Weight:

•    Male: 100 to 110 lbs
•    Female: 85 to 100 lbs


•    Male: 31 inches
•    Female: 28 inches


Main Features:

Naturally Floppy ears



Pyrenees dog breed white coat contain badger, gray shades. This one pet dog has double coat, large muscles with outer long coat that may e straight or wavy, soft and thick. Nose come in black color while ear are dark brown. Triangle ear has flop down movement.  Long tail can reach at dog hocks. Feather like hair on dog body founded on back of legs and thighs. Face is small and double claws also on each hind leg.

Personality Wise:


Personality wise this breed of dog is calm, serious, and family devoted. Dog as pet well behaved with small kids. Affection, gentle, trustworthy features also found in this Pyrenees dog. By nature these are independent and you can make obedience when you train these. Puppies of this breed become adult within one year but mature after two years.




If you want to enjoy Pyrenees dog as pet that brush the coat once time in a month, give exercise 20 to 40 minutes on daily base. Dog like to enjoy cold and snow weather. When you give exercise these dogs release drool from mouth. Dogs need nail grooming to avoid any accident. Their teeth and ear also clean on regularly base to avoid from ear infection. Some owner shave dogs in summer after it keep safe dog from sunburn. Take bath only when need.


Living Condition:


Pyrenees dogs can choose for apartment life but are best suited for yard. Large to mid size dogs need open space or may be depending of family size. These dogs really live active indoor but you must give them regular exercise. Construct fence around them because these dogs remain in search of border.

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