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What to Do Next- If My Dog Bites Me

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What come in mind when to think about the reason of the dog biting? Pain, fear and possessiveness are the major factor which tend a dog to bite your.  You dog may nib you while protecting you if they feel threat. It depends on the situation. Whatever the reason is the main thing is what to do when bits you. Dog bits   leads to major health issues which causes to death.

Tetanus and rabies are the serious infection hurt you so quickly treats dog bits and wounds to lower the risk of infection.  There is greater risk of dog biting in home having a dog so keep the related medication tool box in home to face the situation.  What a victim has to do after bitten by a dog is the main and attention capturing topic. So read this article carefully to control unexpected situation.

Go to a secure place:

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If a dog bits you then the first step you have to take are   go in secure space to protect for further attacks as there is greater chance that dog bits you again and again.  Select a space where assailant dog do not reaches to you. Don’t relay over the verbal and physical scolds to stay the dog away from you. It may increase the god aggression which forces them to attack again. This time they will   come with more power and high intention to injure you. So it better to leave the station.    Different researched and rescue organization said does not try to catch the dog attack on you.  It also makes them aggressive.

Call for medical help:

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Stay calm and face the unusual situation and think what to do next. If you are on the street call someone to help you in medication to takes in nearest hospital.  But if you are at home and nobody is here to help you then the situation is critical. You have to do by your own.  Call nearest friend of the neighbor. If there is time for their arrival then take the initial steps by own to reduce the risk of tetanus and rabies. Treat the wound in home if there are minor injuries   yet visits to the physician ones for clearance.

What to do if you are little injured with dog bite:

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You are lucky if you are just superficial scarps or little wound on your body which is little harmful if you treat it nicely otherwise little mistake become a chance of greater damages. Just clean the wound with fresh water and then clean it with hydrogen peroxide. After cleaning the wound do not keep it open. Make a bandage after applying antibiotic best work against god bits. Isopropyl alcohol is also work against dog bits.

 Treat gash wound bleed a lot:

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It’s not a time to afraid with the blood bleeding from the wound.  Let the wound bleed as it best way to clean the wound.   Bleeding is also good as it lower the risk of rabies because the dog make gash wound in your body. There is great threat of infection.  Waist for five minus and the starts to treats the wound.  But call for rescue if dog bit you on the neck and the head as the matter is serious immediately need for medical treatment.

If the situation is under control the   treat it yourself.  Stop the bleeding but put direst pressure on the wound. Clean the wound with running water and anti biotic soap for five minutes.  First puncture the wound as it simple bandage is not good for it.  Avoid applying rubbing alcohol, iodine, hydrogen peroxide and other medication which is ideas for superficial wound but not for deep wounds.  Now go to the related vet and ask him for future treatment if necessary.

What to do next:

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You cannot need to take it serious  if you are bitten  by your own dog  but the treatment is necessary  otherwise  rabies immunization  stats  is active  which is not a good sign for you.  It’s all about the medication.  Be happy if your dog is already rabies vaccine. If you do not   do this then you have to take antibiotics for 7-14 days and recheck after 3-4 days to the vet.

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