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Maltipoo Puppy as Gentle Natured Pet




Maltipoo is the cute affectionate dog bread. It can be originated in United States. It is friendly dog and adjusted any family. So, Maltipoo keep as pet easily. Most of people keep as pet due to their cute and friendly behavior. Maltipoo is the cross bread of Maltese and miniature poodle.

Life span;

Maltipoo life span is approximately 10 to 13 years.

 Physical traits;


It is cute mini sized puppy. It can be featured with fluffy soft wool texture. These hairs are medium length wavy or curly. Their body coat color is in white cream and silver shade. Their body weight is 5 to 15 pounds. Their height is 8 to 14 inches.

Personality traits;

It is friendly puppy therefore they believe on any person quickly. They can believe on any person is their friends. So, keep as pet easily. Maltipoo are good and soft natured puppy which they can attach quickly any one. They can live with family members separation with family member can fell in depress mood. When you pull out on empty house then they feel anxiety. When you keep as pet then keep with them.



Maltipoo are active and energetic puppies. They required daily exercise in evening and morning time with short walk. They are playful dogs so; they can play with toys and balls on the floor placing. When you keep Maltipoo as pet, then take of their body exercise.



Maltipoo need daily brushing of coat hairs. For brushing their hair look neat and clean and remove mats. Trim their hairs monthly. You should also take care of tooth brushing. Brush their teeth 2 or 3 three times in a week. Trim their hair around eye and ears. It can also need nail trimming when you keep as pet.



Maltipoo are live happily in apartment living families. They can live all family members. When you keep as pet then provide bedding with their bedding side because they live with people.


Maltipoo need high quality dry food for their good healthy. Dry kibble is the best Maltipoo food because it can prevent many health problem s such as tooth problem and breathe problems. Wet and canned food is dangerous for their heath. So, take care of their food.

Health and care;


When you keep Maltipoo as pet then take care of their health. They can fell in number of disease such as epilepsy, Legg calve Perthes disease, Porto systemic shunt disease. So, their proper veterinary check up monthly and secure these dangerous diseases.

Maltipoo as pet;


Maltipoo is active and affectionate pet. They are more friendly so, keep as pet in their home easily with proper care.

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