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Maltese ‘’Companion Dog’’ As Pet




Maltese is the short dog bread. It is lovely and playful dog they can enjoy with their owner. These dogs are recognized as their straight long white coat. These dogs are originated from Mediterranean areas. These dogs can every one friend. He is looking glamorous as their long white coat.

Life span:


Maltese average life span is 12 to 15 years.

Physical appearance:


Maltese are looking cute as their physical appearance. They can have rounded skull with white dome. Their nose is look like black button and their eyes are brown colored. Their ears are dropping style close the head with heavy long hairs. Their full body is compact fine boned. Their chest is deep. Maltese body weight is 3 to 4 kg. Maltese male height is 21 to 25 cm and female height is also 20 to 23 cm.

Coat color:


Maltese are pure white colored with lemon shade making on their body.



Maltese are lovely and companion dog. Gentle in natured dogs are lively playful and friendly dogs. They are highly intelligent dogs. They learn quickly tricked. These dogs are afraid from anxiety. When they feel loneliness then they can fell in aggression and anxiety and show aggressive behavior with other so, take care and give attention when you can keep as pet.

Litter size:


Their approximately litter size is 3 to 5 puppies.



Maltese can also having long straight silky haired coat. Their grooming is most important. Daily brushing on their silky coat is necessary for their beauty. Dry shampoo with bath is given on regular base. After bathing dry and keep warm their coat. Their ear and eyes are also clean daily because they can have long hairs sop take care of them and save any bacterial disease for their pet puppy.



Maltese dogs can require daily walk. When you can keep as pet then take care of them. They are active indoor setting. They can also like and enjoy and play in outdoor garden.

Living condition:


Maltese are good and best for indoor living conditions. They live in indoor setting with their owner company. They can’t like hot weather so you should placed in damp areas.

Health and care:


Maltese are basically healthy dogs but some time they can fell in such disease like hypoglycemia, white dog shaker syndrome, collapsed trachea, and skin and eye problems. They can also feel teeth problem so take care of their food.

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