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Loyal American English Coonhound Dog Life Information

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American English coonhound dog breed descended from America for hunting purpose. The first introduction of this breeed comes in 1905. Breed of dog has medium height, reasonable weight, and get three type of coat tricolor, red tick to blue tick. With different rules these are used for hunting, jogging, and tracking Dogs are well known with energetic, affectionate, loyal, cheerful and social behave. Coonhound barks with loud voice and may be poor for you if you are neigh of it. These dogs attract children especially old people friend.

Life Span:

11 to 12 years

Weight & Height:

Weight: 45 to 65 pounds
Height: 21 to 27 pounds

Physical Appearance:

American English coonhound dog itself is medium in side and hard to touch. Varieties of color are acceptable in this dog breed. Red marking on dog skin is predominate and common. Dog has race body, deep chest, and strong back.

Coonhound dog Personality:

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An American English coonhound is affectionate for human, and children. Shyness is not found and except able in this dog breed. The barking of coonhound at night or day time is a fine alarm that makes your alert with outer situation. Watchable dog is true guard of owner property.

Coonhound dog Temperament:

Coonhound makes good companion however owner enjoys spending time with their high energy level. These are reliable energy pets due to their history of hunting.  Coonhound directly challenged if family and friends disturb it. Young dog are really active, playful and want attention of human. This dog has friendly behaved with other dog breed but can create problem for smaller pets. The coonhounds are not best for apartment living as the dog active. Rural areas are batter choice for their living.

Coonhound dog Exercise:

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For natural hunter coonhound need exercise on regular bases. It can swim and walk in playtime. Dog remain happy when you take it on outdoor space for walk. Dog like to play hide and seek and fetch and talk long walk with children, adult. Dogs can participate in different activity that sponsored the club like night hunting, field trials, and water race.


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As a 12 year life American English coonhound need 2.5 to 3 cups dry food on daily bases. Proper nutrition that a dog must require to remain active and healthy should provide.

Health Issue:

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Coonhounds are prone to overheating during summer season. With large body size common health issue that found in American English coonhound is hip dysplasia. In other health issue include ear infection, polyradiculoneuritis and progressive retinal atrophy.


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