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Komondor Dog- Heavy Cord Coated Larger Dog Breed

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Komondor belong to such larger dog breeds having no ideas how much bigger they are. Komondor is muscular and powerful dog body that covered with white heavy and longer cord coats. Komondor assume excellent family pet due to incredible pleasing conformations, endless affection toward children and gentle behaviors. Let joint us to get complete information about Komondor dog breed.


Komondor originated from Hungary that why they call as Hungarian Komondor.


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Cumans become the source of bringing Komondor in Hungary during 12th and 13th century. These dog known s Komondor dog because Komondor derives from ‘Cumans dog’. Tibetan dog are descendent of Komondor dogs. During 1920 Komondor evolve as individual dog breed throughout the world which later recognized by AKC in 1937.

Life span:

Average life expectancy of dog is about 10-12 years.

Litter size:

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Average 6-12 puppies

Other names:

•    Mop dog
•    Hungarian Komondor
•    Hungarian sheepdog

Physical appearance:

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Komondor is larger size dog breed have well-established and powerful muscular body suitable for guardian activities. They also know as mop dog due his body shape. Komondor is molosser dog reached to 25 inches or upward when they developed fully.

White matted, heavy and cord coat is hi distinctive feature. Stronger muscular body has short back legs while front leg is quite longer.  Rectangular shaped robust body is best for heavy jobs.

Muzzles are short in size come to half of the head lengths having black nose and lips. Even number teeth has resemblance with scissors bites,  almond shape brown eyes , triangle ears with round tips and curl hanging tails  boost in beauty.  Heavier and felted cord coat just come in single color that is white.


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Komondor is excellent family dog show tolerate and pleasing behavior toward children and other pet animals. They are socialized and adoptive breed. They are good family dog, in a case, when you breed then in earlier age and train them with firm and define authority.

Komondor are intelligent, confident and protective dog that way they breed for working and guard dogs. They have stronger will than humans. They take active part in games.  Loyalty, faith and obedience mix in this blood. Komondor is also possessive about their property and territory. They show aggressive behaviors if other dogs come closer to their property.

Living conditions:

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Are you interested in knowing the most liking living environment of Komondor dogs than go for countryside areas. They live happy and spend active life in countryside areas because there are lots of activities keep him busy and burn extra calories good for health. Houses with larger backyard come second on this list of dog liking.  Keep dog busy in different activities either working or playing


Generally Komondor are healthier dog breed.  Regular exercise, balance and healthy meals, proper grooming keep him healthier for long time. Bloating, skin problems and hip dysplasia are common health issue seem in Komondor breed.


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Komondor are low shedder that why assume best breed for such owners face different allergies. Coat has heavy cord which grows up when they are just eight month old.  White cord grows faster and become heavy with time.

They need proper grooming that includes frequent bathing and trimming. Separate the cord if you want to see where the dog is actually. Mostly pet owner love their coat and don’t want to separate it because the really beauty is in cord. Trimming is best for them.

Do not brush their coat as their coat convert in to card which does need any type of brushing. You can enjoy smell and dirt free company if have Komondor dog.  Clean dog face after meal, trim their nails and brush their teeth regularly, coat trimming around face is necessary otherwise   face totally covered with cord.


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Extensive exercise such as long brisk walk is essential to keep Komondor dog healthier.  Basically Komondor are lazy and inactive dog love to sleep and rest all the time. So be alert and involve them in working activities.


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Firm and packed leadership with high dominance is required to train Komondor dog. Start training from earlier age. They need define leadership to create stronger relationship amount humans and dogs.
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