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How to Know That Nibble Fleas Attacks on Your Dog


You dog might face flea allergies if there are fleas on dog. Fleas are external parasite which causes to produce skin allergies which vary from miner to serious.  Warm, stuffy environment and dirty coat are favorable factor for the generation and growth of fleas.  Fleas rapidly grow up in 5-6 month when they fine suitable environment which is available starting months of summer. Prior to find the solution for preventing flea firstly you haw to know that you dog are facing fleas. The first step is how you know   that you puppy have fleas. Fleas are parasite soak up all energy of its host. They use their legs to lap on pup body. Soak blood and quickly spread in dog fur.   Fleas generally attacks on dog head, tail, area between legs and abdomen.  You can know about the flea presence in dog fur in different ways.

Are you dog frequently scratching his body?

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If you find that your dog is scratching his body with paws or biting himself   frequently then   be alert dogs have fleas on fur. Flea sock blood for host body and insert dog allergic protein through its saliva. It becomes a great reason of itching and scratching.

Is your pup skin look red or bumpy?

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When fleas attach on dog body dog scratch his body which leave sports. If you find red spots and bump on armlet and groin areas then your dog have fleas. These symptoms look clearly due to hair loss and skin dryness which cause due to frequent scratching.  Red sports and bumps also look on dog belly and tails.

How you find your dog have fleas:

You can check flea in dog fur in different way. Here we discuss few effective way of checking fleas in fleas work so well.

Carefully check your dog:

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Visual checking is best tip for fleas in dogs. Just check god fur nicely with open eyes as fleas are too small do not find easily in first days later.  Look in neck, tail or belly fur to suspect flea. Divide god fur in different portion and run in the opposite direction. This one is best way to five hidden flea in fur.

Dog bed is best flea divulger:


Dog mostly leave black speck on their bed which are also known as flea dirt which create by adult fleas during fecal process.  If you find it in the dog bed then make solution to treat fleas as they attack on your dog fur.

 Combing is best to check fleas:

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Bring in a flea com which has thicker points. Make sure that comb reached deep in the fur. If you find black specks  the  clean the comps  nicely  or if  a fleas  are on the comb the  pull it off and throw in  soapy water to kill it otherwise its jump of fly away.

Inspect fleas while bathing you dog:

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The best ideas to conform the flea presence inspect your dog fur during bathing. Cover the drain that does not let the water go and then closely inspect the water in dog bath tub. Black spots in water are might the sign of fleas.

White towel test:


This one is also beneficial and effecting way to conform fleas. Place white towel or paper on floor and stand your dog on it. Rub the dog coat and check either fleas drop on towel or not.  If you find black dirt on towel  collect it and  throw in water, if it change in red then it flea specks  or if not then it just grain of  sands.

Cleverly observe dog behavior:

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You dog also tells you about fleas throwing his behaviors, he frequently scratch his body. He seems uncomfortable and restless. Fleas jumps and move on dog body. You pub also bite, lick and chew his body part and shale is head which are major indication of flea possibilities.

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