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Sloughi puppies are sleek heighted intelligent dog. It can originate from North Africa. They are affectionate and sensitive dog. Sloughi are also belonging to the sight hound family. They can also known as family dog. Sloughi are the clever and fast runner dog.

Life span;


Their average life span is 12 to 15 years.

Physical appearance:


They are large sized squarish puppies. They are straight sleek as back dog. Their top line is also straight and short haired. They can have long edge shaped head. Sloughi is having strong and long muscles which having dropping ears. Their back is horizontal. Their eyes are also ideal dark brown colored. Sloughi is also strong physical conditions. Their male body weight is 22 to 28 kg and female body weight is also 18 to 23 kg. Their male puppy height is 66 to 72 cm and their female height is also 61 to 68 cm. Their body coat color is light sand, red sand, black mantle, black mask and many more colors.



Sloughi puppies are clever alert and cool temperament dog. It is also known as protective dog. They can take care of their owner house and livestock. They can show affectionate and gentle behavior with their owner and their family member.



Daily walk is basic need of sloughi dogs. When you can keep as pet then take care of their daily walk and excise. When you can go for walk then take care of safe place. They are basically hunted dog so take care of them.



They are short hair dog so, their grooming is easy. They do not like cold weather and cold water. When you keep as pet then save from wet and cold weather. Rubber brush is used for rub and cleans their dead hairs.



Sloughi are basically calm quiet indoor dogs. They live indoor of the house and live with their owner. They like soft and comfy place for sleeping. Blanket also needed in their housing bed. They can’t like hard and cold floor. Bedding and soft bed are required for sleeping.

Health and care:


Sloughi puppies can have strong physical condition. They are basically healthy dogs but PRA progressive retinal atrophy (Night blindness) can found rarely in some dogs. In Europe and U.S breeders can tested and prove to eliminating this disease in some dog breads.

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