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Italian Greyhound as “Companion” Pet Dog

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Italian Greyhound dog is well known as companion dog bread. It is also called miniature greyhound. This dog bread is an ancient bread after seeing 2000 year ago decorative Mediterranean art. These dogs are similar to mummified dog who has found in Egypt.

African chieftains are love to this dog and crazy about them. They get a single Italian Greyhound to exchange their 200 cattle. In 1886 Italian Greyhound dog are recognized in American kennel club.

Other names:

•    Italienisches Windspiel
•    Piccolo Levriero italiano
•    Galgo italiano

Life span:

Italian Greyhound life span is 12 to 15 year.

Physical appearance:

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Italian Greyhound is active fine boned small size dog. They can have long active sender legs. They can also having long narrow or pointed head with flat top. Their nose color is brown or black according to base coat color. Their dark eyes are in medium size. They can also having fold back style small ears. Their scissor bite teeth are also dangerous.

Their long low set tail is also set at the end of the back. Their long high neck can prominent their flat top head. Their broad chest is deep. As a whole pretty Italian Greyhound dog is like to keep as pet in home setting.


Italian Greyhound having 30 to 38 cm height.


Their maximum weight is 3 to 5 kg.

Coat color:

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The can having number of coat colors such as Chocolate, black and white, fawn and white, tan, slate grey, red fawn, yellow and etc.


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Affectionate Italian Greyhound is well manner soft natured dog. They can love with owner and their family members. This playful dog is comfortable in home setting with owner home as a family member. They are social but reserved and shy with any stranger. Socialization, training and heredity are such factors that can influence o their temperament.

When you can keep as pet then manage according to their temperament. They are curious or playful dog so when you can keep as pet then provide all sources to play and keep relaxed in home setting. You may start early socialization when a puppy. In this way they adjust in any environment.


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Italian Greyhound is very active and energetic dog that can required daily long walk. These dogs are like to run and play freely. Those people who kept as a pet in home setting must take care about their daily walk and playing.  They are also good trainer dog. They lead human leaders and follow the instruction respect.


Italian Greyhound is easy to groom dog bread. Brush their silky coat and also clean with a piece of towel. When you can keep as pet then give bath when necessary. If you give a bath then make sure to dry and warm because they are sensitive to cold environment.

Living condition:

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Italian Greyhound is best indoor dog. They like to live in indoor setting of home with their owner.

Litter size:


Italian Greyhound having 2 to 4 puppies in one litter.

Heath problem:

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Italian Greyhound is generally healthy dog bread. They can fell is such diseases epilepsy, fracture hip dysplasia progressive retinal disparity slipped stifle, cryptorchidism, allergies and etc. when you keep as pet then take care about their puppy and take away from their veterinary doctor for treat well.

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