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Intelligent Small Body Loving Pekingese as Pet

Pekingese dog are well known with other name lion dog, pelchie dog. Pekingese ancient breed of dog first come from china. This breed of dog are so intelligent, loving, have number of characteristic. Pekingese god can enjoy their life 10 to 15 years. These makes excellent behave with owner and like to live with him all time. Due to their small body Pekingese are less play and like take talk walk.



Pekingese dog have large eyes flat face, and a low down body. The legs of Pekingese are bowed that restrict the dog movement. Long body of dog is sturdy and looks small in size. Pekingese are recognized with v-shaped nose and wrinkle on face between muzzle and eyes. Round head, tail over the back, long hair on skin best introduce with Pekingese dog personality.



All breeds of Pekingese take birth in to different colors. Majority of dog have black, red, sables, cream, gold, and blue colors coat. Black mask and colored face lay down equality all breeds of Pekingese dog. In spite of the skin coat nose, lips and eyes are always in black color.


Weight of male Pekingese dog is 7 to 12 lbs same in female, Body size in male 8 inch and female 7 inch. Pekingese that have 6 pounds weight are called sleeve Pekingese and those whose weight found in 6 to 8 pounds are called mini Pekingese.


Pekingese need a daily milk to keep healthy. Lots of exercise needs to your pet Pekingese. If dog not want to get exercise it mean some behavior problem fall in their mood .Pekingese enjoy the good room, open area with side yard. On daily bases make combing or brushing the hair of Pekingese dog. Clean the face, eyes and feet of your pet Pekingese dog.


Meat always remains the first diet for every dog like Pekingese. Fish, lamb, organ meat, and poultry meat you can provide your pet Pekingese dog. Other fruiters like apple, banana, and blueberries also can eat the Pekingese dog. 300 to 400 calories must need per day to your pet Pekingese dog.



Pekingese are not best for those families who live with small children. These dogs are possessive of their food and toys and if toddler snatch to him make them injured. Pekingese dog demand lots of care and attention. Generally this breed of dog is well behaved but some time bark at people, animals, and cars. Arrange shelter for Pekingese is so easy with their small look body size. It’s very importance for Pekingese to keep them independently. Socialized your pet Pekingese in this it will learn the manner to live among the peoples.

Health Problem:


Pekingese easily catch the cold and suffer in health diseases. Breathing and heart like problem are common in this breed of dogs. It becomes difficult for Pekingese to keep the body temperature balance n hot and cold season. Short legs create problem for dog to make walk lonely on stair.

Living Condition:


Pekingese live happy in big home or apartment. These dogs can live without a yard.

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