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Intelligent Sensitive Behave Berger Picard Life Fact

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Berger Picard is a French breed of dog that is people oriented. This breed of dog can make a best socialized life. Berger Picard nearly gets and become rare breed. Like other breed of dog these are not for everyone but can selected as a right dog. These are so unique and amazing intelligent breed of dog. Berger Picard is sensitive like to live near the owner. Learnt more about Berger Picard from below!

Other Name:

Berger Picard’s are well known with other name as below are listed down,
•    Picard shepherd
•    Berger de Picardie
•    Berger de Picard
•    Bacardi shepherd

Height & Weight:

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Height: 55 to 66 cm
Weight: 23 to 32 kg
Life Span:
12 to 14 years

Physical Appearance:

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These are medium in size, well muscled that are free from bulky. Longer rather than tall, natural ears, and wiry coat body features are founded in Berger Picard. Thick strong hair of dog is not fluffy fly around the air. Top coat is 5 to 6 cm long that founded in blue-grey, black-grey, red-grey light and dark shade. Small patch on feet of dog is show as ring. Ears of Berger Picard are high set and wide at base. The eyebrow of dog is also thick but not shaded.

Body Temperament:

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In Berger Picard sensitive, lively and intelligent personality deposit, so these are obedience when you train them. These dogs don’t excessive bark, do hard work and keep alert in every movement. Well sense of humor making the Picard shepherd as endearing companion. If you raised Picard with other pet animal it will don’t hurt them. Barking is unwanted behave in dog.

Health Problem:

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Due to rare breed Berger Picard is less health problem. Hip dysplasis known in this breed of dog and other eye problem due to dust in eyes after one year get rid from eye infection. Checked your pet Berger Picard for found any health problem once a year or every years.

Living Space:

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Sufficient apartment is suitable for Picard if you don’t have back yard. Picard likes to live close its owner and want to get attention. Give few hour freedoms the Picard live alone in open space it will come back after few minutes. You can train the dog that live alone and walk around the house that batter for health. They lay under the table near the owner and waist to go for walk with you.


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Best exercise will need for batter health of Picard in which daily walk include. It can enjoy swimming and running beside your bike long distance. You can make pet dog as excellent jogging companion at morning or evening time. These are not suit for competition because it impossible for them.


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Picard is low maintenance dog you can take bath one time in a month. In Rough coat of dog make brush on daily or weekly bases. Low oil contain in their fur therefore have “doggie odor. If fur of dog becomes dirty don’t wash just brush and remove dust.

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