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Incredibly Graceful Saluki Dog as Pet-Complete Guideline


Salukis are purebred dog belong to hound dog group also recognized as Persian grey hound dog. He he’s Low barking dog breed is quite socialized due to shyness which is this stamen feature of his personality. They are insanely gorgeous and graceful dog breed having slender and taller bodies. Let read about this active and naught dog breed going to become you family pet.

Other names:

•    Tanji
•    Arabian hounds
•    Persian Sighthound
•    Arabian Saluki
•    Gazelle hound
•    Persian greyhound



As are known as Gazelle Hounds and Persian dog clearly define their area of origin. They are originated from Turkestan to turkey. This purebred is relative of Afghan dog because both are belong to same group. In Egypt Salukis considered royal dog breed as it breed by high-class families. It name Saluki by the Arabian city “Saluki” situated in Middle East which now demolished from the map. This ancient breed firstly shows on Egyptian tombs almost 4,000 year ago. Now this dog widely recognized in Iran, Palestine, Anatolia Arabia, Syria, Egypt and Mesopotamia.
In 1972 Salukis recognized by American Kennel club after the foundation of The Saluki Club of America in the same year,

Life span:

Average life expectancy of saluki dog is 12-14 years.

Litter size:

Average 4-8pippeis

Physical description:


Slender yet taller bodies and playful coat is the attractive feature of Salukis which captures attentions.  Feather cover ears on longer and narrow head give dominant look from other hound dog breeds. Larger and oval eyes, dark to hazel hues, mobile shaper long ears, and black nose are statement features of Saluki dogs. Longer neck and narrow deep chard make his body structure more slender and smart.  Legs, tail and ears covered with feather hair while remain body has short coat.

Silkier and shiny long hairs make him attractive and graceful. Front leg straight them the backward leg. It surprisingly gait when Saluki take his four legs in air while running. Black and tan, Grizzle and tan, tri-color tan and black, black fringe fawn, black grizzle, chocolate and tan, cream, fawn, fawn and white cream. White and cream, gold, red, red and grizzle are different color of Saluki coat.



Salukis are active, obedient, loyal and intelligent dog breed shown extremely devoted attitude toward his owner. These dogs packed with surprising qualities. They have shy personality which not let him to socialize with everyone but they are closely bound with their owner and family member. Salukis are affectionate and loving dog never show aggression Thatway it’s assume perfect family dog that live nicely with kids and other pet dogs. They are watchful dog bred for hunting. They are obedient dog but do not bond to follow com and stop commands. This intelligent dog breed highly recognized by his independent personality.  They dislike harsh training

Living condition:


Salukis are not a good option for apartment living owners as these dog need enough space to live. They are inactive indoor pet just comes in home when they have to take rest. They live happy in open areas especially in Agricultural land.  They run like a kangaroo as they best running area in 300-400 feet. Securely   fence the yard or acreage as these dog try best to escape when they fine little weakness in fencing.

They dog are high sense of smelling so it advisable to keep you food item away from its reach, food is save if it enclosed in cabinets or put height about 7-10 inches higher. Provide soft and cushioned bedding according to the weather conditions. They need warmth surrounding in winter season yet they are highly sensitive to the sunburn close near the nose in summer.  They are sensitive dog do not like changes. They take time to adjust in new environment



Salukis are good eater love both fresh and dry food. Provide balance food twice in a day that consists on one and half cup to two and half cup. Prefer high-quality food that covers his body demands. They dos are selective about their food does not like the consistent changes in their food.



Salukis are odor free and medium shedding dogs require lower grooming then other hound dog group dogs. Occasionally brushing of combing is enough to keep her coat in good condition.  They are highly prone to eyes and ears infection so it better to clean their ears and regularly check them to fine the problem if occurs.  Clean his body with damp cloth or give bath if you feel necessary.

Health and care:


Salukis are healthier dog does not suffer from genetically inherited diseases except eye diseases and cancer. They are sensitive dog may prone to other health problem cause due to unhealthy food, carelessness in exercise.  They are highly sensitive for Anesthesia, Hemangioearcoma, and hypothyroidism.



Salukis are active dog as recognizer from their race speed. They has call natural athlete mean they have required enough exercise that include regular daily walk, run and brisk walking.  They look slim and elegant dog but have extreme stamina. Proper exercise is as necessary for their physical and mental health as little carelessness tend him to adopt destructive behaviors. 40 minutes or 2 hour exercise is most recommended duration to maintain the health of these highly energetic dogs.  Leave them for play in larger yet secure area. Too much Exercise is good for adult dog but it not good option for puppies.
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