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Hunting “Bloodhound” as Loyal Companion Pet

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Bloodhound dog bread is large scent hound that can originally breed of hunting deer and wild boar.  They can firstly bread into two variations such as black and white. They can firstly develop in 8th century St. Hubert Monastery in Belgium. Then later they can improve in England. Later in 12t century English dignitaries can used these dog as hunting companion. So, they referred as blood hounds.  In United States this dog bread is helpful for tracking the criminals and lost persons.
Now, bloodhounds are known as loyal companion dog.

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•    France
•    Belgium
•    United kingdom

Other names:

•    Saint Hubert hound
•    Flemish hound
•    St. Hubert hound

Life span:

Bloodhound dog average life span is 10 to 12 years.

Physical appearance:

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Bloodhounds are powerful hound dogs.  This strong dog is having long and narrow head. Teri nose is black colored. Their diamond shaped eyes are in deeply sunk. Their soft dropping ears can set as low and large sized. Bloodhound is having extra wrinkles skin that can hanging loose. Their front legs are straight. Their tail is set t as high curve and at back.


Their male Bloodhound height 25 to27 inches and female is 23 to 25 inches.


Their male weight is 41 o 50 kg and female weight is 36 to 45 kg.

Coat color:

Their short and dense coat is in Black and tan, liver and tan, red colored.


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Bloodhounds are lovely and noble pet dog. They can gentle in nature and affectionate with their owner and best for children. They are lovely and attention seeker for their owner. They are energetic in outdoor setting. They are intelligent so they can easy trainable. They need to leadership for good training. They can excellent family pet and required supervision if you have children around the bloodhound. You may also try to keep as pet in home setting.



Bloodhound can need plenty of exercise. They can need a long daily walk. They ca having incredible stamina and walk for hours. They can love hiking and enjoy with their owner. They are large dog so they a rapidly grow.


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Bloodhound can having short smooth coat so it’s easy to groom. They take bath when necessary. Rub the rough towel after bathing on their coat hairs. Clean their long ears regularly and save any kind of infection. Clean their eyes and nose also regularly for their good and healthy life. Groomed bloodhound dog is center of attention for public and people can inspired them and keep as pet in home setting.

Litter size:

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They can have 8 to 10 puppies in one litter.

Living conditions:


Bloodhound can live in apartment life if they can provide sufficient exercise. They can inactive in indoor setting and live best in average side yard housing.


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They can require high quality dry food 2 or 3 meals in day. Avoided exercise for their blood hound after meal. It can effect on stomach. So take care about their feeding.

Health and care:

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Bloodhound basically a healthy dog but they can fell in some diseases such as   hip dysplasia, cherry eyes, entropion, and ear and eye infection. When they suffer in such disease then take out their veterinary doctor and get good treatment till healthy.
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