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Highly Energetic Boxer Dogs as Pet


Intelligent, obedience and regular boxer dogs are popular pet dogs developed in Germany in late 19th centuries as they considered as they also molosser dog group member. It amazing and powerful creature used in hunting as it seize prey and hold it until hunter come and received they prey. Boxer dogs are fateful and loyal breed, descendent dog crosses with bulldog, mastiff and terrier dogs. These dogs initially used to control cattle in slaughterhouses and recognized powerful forepaws that it uses to play just like human boxed that’s why they named as boxer dog. Boxer

Boxer dog gain popularity in 1940 throughout American stats as they are perfect watch and security digs firstly employed as   police dogs.



Boxer dogs are medium size dog weighted between ranges between 50 to 80 lbs with a height of 22 to 24 inches. Squashed heard, floppy ears, eyes that just like a dog nodded give it distinctive look. Boxer dogs have short and flat coat in brindle, fawn, black colors. Brindle coat have optional white flashing   that look beautiful.

Life span


Boxer dogs have average 8 to 10 year life space in captivity.



Boxer dogs are playful, intelligent, delightful, social and active breed and also have high energy level that is his iconic features that attracts anyone. They always found active and busy in doing something. Boxer dogs are affection and enjoy their owner company. These dogs are also known as kid lovers. They also affectionate with other pets yet they attack stranger digs and cats breeding in neighborhood. Boxed dog pretend are protective family dogs take care of family with loyalty as they enjoy human companion ship.



Boxer dogs are highly social animal live with larger family and behave distractively if you leave it alone in homes. So it better to   keep them in busiest point of the houses. Boxer dog is indoor pet as their coat is not suitable for outdoor living. They love to plays   and visit outside for sometime in a days. Fence yard with lot of playing option keep it busy and active. Boxer dog follower you from room to room that why they also named as shadow dogs.



Boxer dogs are highly sensitive, intolerant breed to hot water so be careful and keep it away from over heater water while giving bath.   Boxer dogs generally have many health issues need proper exercise approximately 45 minutes exercise recommended for their physical fitness. Spend plenty of time whit them. Play, run and walk   with them to keep them active.

Grooming boxer dogs have short and flat coat and do not shed hair which become bigger reason of its popularity. They require maintenance and grooming then other dogs just clean their coat with wet cloth or bath if needed.



Boxer dogs have messy eating habits as they waist more food that you mostly fine kibbles around the food bowl. They shacks heads during eating as it fall food particle and meet chunks on bedding, cushions and rugs. So serve food away for living areas. They need proper food to balance their energy level. Good quality dog food, meat and supplement they give it enough amount of vitamin best for them.



Basically boxer dogs are healthier and powerful dogs as they have strong body and high energy level yet like other dog boxer dogs also faced cancer, Aortic stenosis, cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and different environmental allergies issues.



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