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“Guard Dog” Kerry blue terrier as Friendly Pet

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Kerry Blue Terrier dog bread is originated in 1700s is Ireland. Their dog bread name is derived from country Kerry and blue as their coat. This dog bread is the national terrier of Ireland country. In United States this dog bread is recognized in 1922.  This hunting and home guard dog is well known as guard dog.



Other name:

Irish blue terrier

Life span:

Their average life span is 12 to 15 years.

Physical appearance:

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Wavy-to-curly coated Kerry blue terrier dog having long flat skull head they can slop having deep chest. This dog bread babies are born in black colored and gradually grow and change their coat color. These dogs nose is in black colored with wide nostrils.  Their eyes are in dark colored but small in size. V-shaped ears are also short. Their neck is also long till shoulder.

•    Height:

Kerry blue terrier maximum height is 44 to 48 cm.

•    Weight:

Kerry blue terrier approximately weight is 15 to 18 kg.

•    Coat color:

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Black silver grey blue slate blue coat colored are available in this bread.

Personality traits:

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Playful Kerry blue terrier dog is affectionate with owner or their family members.  So, it is called a family dog. They can also friendly with any stranger or guest and other home pet.  This socialized dog is well mannered after obedience training.  They are also good watch dog.  During the training change the activity because they lose interest if repetition occurs.


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Sporty Kerry blue terrier dog needs to long daily walk. They can also need proper leading like human leader. When you can keep a pet then take care about their daily walk or exercise on daily basis.


They need to groom every 4 to 6 week. Daily brushing on their coat will be needed and trimming or bathing need after 6 weeks. When you can keep as pet then must take care about their grooming or trim their wavy or curly hairs regularly. Their cot is odorless so most of people are like to keeping.

Living condition:

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Kerry blue terrier is basically indoor dog.  So, they are active in indoor setting.

Litter size:

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Their maximum litter size is 5 to 8 puppies in one litter.

Health issues:

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Kerry blue terrier normally heath dog bread but some time they can faces some dangerous diseases. Hip dysplasia cerebella abiotrophy are serious illness which this dog bread is indulge. They can also face some minors concerns such as spiculosis, entropion narrow palpebral fissure.


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