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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog as Best Family Watch Dog



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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog bread is originated from Switzerland. This dog bread is belonging to Bernese mountain dog, Appenzel cattle dog and Entlebuch cattle dog.  This dog bread is also famous for watch dog. In past life this dog is keep as watch dog for their livestock. In 1967 firstly imported from USA.



Life span:

Their maximum life span is 10 to 11 years.

Physical appearance:

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Large sized Greater Swiss Mountain Dog bread is muscular and strong.   Gentle expression flat and broad skull dog is having almond shaped dark brown shade eyes and also having triangular shaped drop ears.  They can also having black colored nose and lips. This broad chested dog is also having straight legs. Thicker base long tail is also prominent on the back of this dog. As a whole pretty Greater Swiss Mountain dog is center of attention for any beginners.


Their body height is 60 to 72 cm.


Their approximately weight is 50 to 61 kg.

Coat color:

This dog bread is available in tri color such as black, white, and tan or rust.


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Gentle natured Greater Swiss Mountain dog is excellent pet. This dog is best with children and other pet. They are best family dog so people are like to keep as pet. They are courageous and adorable dog and best with owner or their family dog. This protective or alert dog is best watch dog.  They are good trainer dog and need to human pack leader.


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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is needed to moderate exercise. When you can keep as pet then must take a daily long walk.


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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is easy to groom. They needed regular brushing on their coat. Keep neat and cleans when you can own as a pet.

Living condition:

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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is basically indoor dog bread. They love to live in indoor setting with cool climate. When you can keep the also provide small yard for some time outing in a day.

Litter size:

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Their approximately litter size is 5 to 10 puppies.

Health issues:

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They are basically healthy dog bread but sometime they can fell in some disease such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, distichiasis, digestive disorder, entropion and panosteitis etc. when you can feel your dog feel in any disease then take their veterinary doctor and treat well.
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