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Giant Schnauzer-Compact Dog as Pet

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Giant Schnauzer powerful and compact dog breed come with high energy and packed personalities. They are good family dog like to stay with dominant owner. They are socialized, affectionate, obedient and loyal dog. They ha s all those character which you want in a pet dog. Moderate bark and low drooling also make him favorite pet.




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Standard Schnauzer breed by livestock and herd owners live in germen state of Bavaria and wurtemmburg to take the stock to marker as well as herding guarding,. They dog are in standard can’t handle big stock.

That way larger Schnauzer dog breed is requires which developed in 17th century. Standard Schnauzer bred with German pincher, rough coat sheepdog and later with black great Danes.  Giant Schnauzer coat has greater resemblance with German pincher curly coat.

Fist they recognized as Muchener dog but now they called as Giant Schnauzer.  Schnauzer richly trained before World War II. They number come down two to high killing rate during World War II. 1930 is the year when Giant Schnauzers officially recognized by AKC.

Life span:

Average life expectancy of dog is about 10-12 years

Litter size:

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Average 5-8 puppies

Other name:

•    Russian Bear Schnauzer
•    Munich Schnauzer
•    Muchener

Physical appearance:

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Smooth yet curly hair dense coat is the main characteristic of Giant Schnauzer physical appearance. Giant Schnauzer is developed from standard Schnauzer.  Squarely shaped Giant Schnauzer dog are same in side but their energy level is higher than standard breed.

They reach to 23-28 inches in height with average 55-105 pound weights. Rectangular shaped head has strong muzzle on top of the head that is same in head size.  Medium shape oval eyes ate in dark color while ear are in floppy shape either cropped or set naturally. Docked or undocked tails set high. Wiry, curly and dense double coat come in two color black and salt & paper


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Giant Schnauzer is gentle, active, and obedient dog breed. They live well with family, children and other pet dogs.  They are working dog work with moderate bark, low drooling and snoring.   They have packer and versatile personality that will make them popular dog breed bred as family pet. They are guard dog have incredible sensing power that way they also bred as police dog. Giant Schnauzer love with family want to spent all time with their owner

Living condition:

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Giant Schnauzer is highly energetic dog breed need vigorous exercise and full time activities. They are working dog love to live in countryside area. They are not recommended for apartment life. They are social breed stay well with family. Less socialization develop fearless and aggressive attitude.


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Giant Schnauzer are learnedly healthy dog, risk of bloating is very high in Giant Schnauzer dog as well as cancer especially toe cancer. Hip dysplasia, epilepsy and ear infection are very common.


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Giant Schnauzer has dense and wiry coat which easily collect drool, dust and food particle that why they need proper grooming on regular bases. Giant Schnauzer is hypoallergenic dog   not suitable for such owners already face any type of allergy.

If you have greater interest toward Giant Schnauzer than pay attention over his grooming because healthy dog give healthy company. Brush coat with wire brush regularity to increase coat life. Trim coat four times in a year especially in shedding season.

Clean their ears to keep him away from ear infections.  Here is good news for pet owner who do not want to watch hair in home. Bring in Giant Schnauzer as family pet because shedding tendency is very low in Giant Schnauzer.


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Giant Schnauzer is medium size dog. Their energy level is high like other larger dog breed. They require vigorous exercise.  Regular daily walk, plenty of playing time or working activities keep him active and fresh all they day. Exercise is necessary for mental and physical health. Giant Schnauzer show destructive nature when do not get enough exercise or playtime.


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Giant Schnauzer is intelligent and obedient dog breed packed with trainability and household features. They are average learner take time to learn something.  They required a trainer have strong-wiling and patience during training as well as   with packed confident leadership.

They respond well against positive, firm and consistence training. They are playful dog also love to make fun. They jumps and run very well.  They as good with old age children but keep him away from small children.

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