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All about German shorthaired pointer


German shorthaired dog are medium to large size body breed of dog.

Shorthaired dog are high energy dog with short tail.

GSH are people oriented dog that don’t like to live alone.

This breed of dogs is bark at noises and strangers.

Female shorthaired bitch keep care of their baby until that become mature.

German shorthaired pointer is so intelligent and always remains in searching those things that keep them busy.

Tail is remaining in jaunty angle not curve.

With long legs can run fast and turn quickly.


Dog can enjoy life 12 to 15 years.

High & Weight:


Male German shorthaired pointer dog has weight 55 to 70 pounds while female 45 to 60. Male height is 23 to 25 while female 21 to 23 inches.



German shorthaired pointer dog eyes are generally brown with short tail. The skull is round, muzzle equal to skull, large nose is brown with open nostrils, high ear are broad that come at head, deep chest, front feet can move, tight skin like all detail help in easy searching of German shorthaired pointer dog.

Coat Color & Grooming:


German shorthaired pointed has short and flat coat. Water resistant coat help the dog to live warm in cold weather condition. Coat color mostly is dark brown, and black. Generally the head is solid, solid liver and solid black coat also find in these dog.

With short hair make grooming become easy task. Brush the short hair with bristle brush and take bath when need. Be sure about the dog feet after he has been exercise. Examine the ear of German shorthaired pointed ear on regularly bases. If dog scratches the ear it mean infection fall down.



How much feed need your pet dog depend on their size and age. Like people dog also don’t like to eat same food. Keep your German shorthaired pointer dog in good form to give them twice time in a day. 2 to 3 cups dry food with equal division is need to your dog best health.



German shorthaired is generally healthy but like other breeds these are also prone in some diseases. Not all German shorthaired get diseases but you must confirm about their health. Some dog may suffer in genetic eye diseases, skin disorder, hip dysplasia, epilepsy and cancerous in the mouth, skin and other body part. As these dog have deep chest German shorthaired are prone to gastric torsion. For their batter health give exercise after feeding. Large amount of water with dry fruit best suited for their health.

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