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Fun Games Ideas to Play with Your Pet Puppies

1 Cool games to play with your dog

Playing games is a best source of dog understanding and bounding with their owner. In this way you can well trained and communicate your pet with in an organized way. It can also best source of their best socialization. Through games you can teach social values with fun way. Some games can busy your puppies and increase their cognitive abilities.

Instruction before playing games:

Here are some instructions to give your pet puppies before playing games.
•    Firstly learn your pet games rules.
•    Games reinforcement and rewarding session is short during playing.
•    When your puppies become bore then stop the games.
•    Change the cycle of variety of games.

 Games ideas for puppies:

Here are some cool ideas to play games with your pet puppies and busy in positive activities.

•    Follow the leader game:

2 Follow the leader game

It is best game for your puppies to follow the leader with traffic cones and many other activities.  Owner who can get perform any activity their puppies are follow him and play the game with their leader. In this way different games play with their puppies and enjoy with them.

•    Hide and seek:

3 Hide and seek dog

Hide and seek is one of the interesting game of your puppy. In this game you can enjoy with your pet puppy. Firstly owner hides and calls their dog after some time waiting. It is also best source of teaching. In this way they learn to wait and patience for something achieving. You can also play this cool game with you r puppy and enjoy with them.

•    Water hose:

4 dog water hose

Water hose is also one of the fun chasing games. In summer season it is best and cool game that can play with your puppy. Firstly set up your water hose and jet up your dog. Dog can fun and playing with their owner. Water hose can spray around the dog, flying in the air and many other directions. In this way dog play and enjoy. This game other benifts puppies can enjoy and also bath with this water hose. You can also try this summer

•    Play ball games:

5 dog play for ball

Ball games are also one the best fun and enjoying game which puppies can play with their owners. Ball catching is also one of the puppies’ favorite games which puppies catch the ball though their mouth. Take care of them ball is not too small to get swallow him and not too large to face difficulty carry the balls. Same here Frisbee game is also plays with your pet puppy.

 •    Find the treats:

Puppy Bowl 2014

Find the treats are also one of the best games that can enjoy with your pet puppy. In which games owner can hide some treats for some distance in a specific area and order the dog to find out the treats. The puppies try to find out treats and give their owner. Their owner can give positive reinforcement after finding treats.

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