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How to Fix Dog Aggression toward Dog, Peoples and Other

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Are your dog growls, Bites, lunges frequently? Then be alter your dog is showing aggressive behaviors. There is different type of aggression in dog. Inter aggression is the most common type of dogs aggression   in which dog show aggression toward other dog. There is higher expectancy of aggression in non neutered male dog toward household and unfamiliar dogs.  Female dog also adopts aggressive behavior in breeding season as they are more protective for their kittens. Dog also aggresses attitude for known persons, Kids and even owner in some situation. This one is major issue face by owners. It’s not a bigger problem you can easily over come with little effort. Here I discus important thing which help you to control you aggressive dog.

Reason of dog aggression:

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Dog are social animal have affectionate, gentle and tamed behaviors do not show aggression all the time.  Always there is reason behind dog aggression. Read the list of most common reason that lead dog to become aggressive.
•    Lake of exercise
•    Fear
•    Separation anxiety
•    Painful medication
•    Owner neglecting behavior
•    Territories threat
•    Defending their kittens
•    Frustration   
Dog also become aggressive from past experiences, changing of ownership and when they do not find an appropriate leadership. Owner strict behavior during training period is also a main reason of aggression.

Common sign of dog aggression:

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Dog do not show aggression all the time. They behave normally yet there show their aggression from their body posture and behavior. Lest see what a dog do when he feel aggression.

•    Guttural barking
•    Muzzle punch
•    Snap
•    Biting
•    Nipping
•    Rapid succession
•    Teeth showing
•    Growling
•    snarl
•    Mouthing
•    Lugging
•     Rigid behaviors

Types of dog aggression:

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Following are the type of aggression generally seems in dog.

1.    Protective aggression
2.    Social aggression
3.    Redirected aggression
4.    Inter aggression
5.    Territorial aggression
6.    Fear aggression
7.    Defensive aggression
8.    Sex-related aggression
9.    Predatory aggression
10.    Frustration-elicited aggression
11.    Possessive aggression

Best way to fix dog aggression:

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Dog aggression is noticeable problem for other dog, pet animal and also for human. Irresponsible attitude toward may lead you in serious problem. You dog can hurt someone sp do something before the situation has changed. What to do when your dog show aggression? Let come on I have answer right here

Be safe and keep save;

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Dog do ant thing when they are aggressive. They can hurt you and other even they attacked on neighbors, people walk on rods, and other home pet. The most important step is to secure yourself and other form aggressive dog.  By doing following safety solution you can protect everyone eve your aggressive dog
•    Bound you aggressive dog through stronger fencing adorn the dog living area. Don’t give a change to your do to escape.  Stronger cage is best for aggressive dog or bound them in room and do not let them out until you sort out the problem.
•    Use stronger leash and harness while taking dog out of the home. Aggressive dog might attack passer-by peoples. Leash and collar allow you to control aggressive dog with ease.
•    If you dog show aggression through biting then use a muzzle in public areas.  Train your dog to wear muzzle by keeping treat inside the Muzzle.

Flooding approach to lower down aggression:

Desensitization and flooring are effective approached when your dog feel hesitation of fear from something what causes the generation of aggression.  These approaches are best for controlling aggression. In flooding approach you take your dog people filled room where they avoid going and holding them until they show fearless attitude.

Make it more socialized:

Social experiment is also productive way to reduced aggression. Take your dog in public places o r dog park where they feel happy and enjoy good time with other dog. This one is best solution if dog show aggression due to separation anxiety or lake of exercise.

Change dog’s state of mind:

If your dog is show aggression toward people the take it near vet or specialist. You can also lower down aggression by changing dog state of mind in this theory your take you dog near to people and let him to see them as they become similar with them. In this process you have to need people who understand the situation well and corporate with you. In little session you dog overcome the fear for m lose.  During the process use treats, toys and other thing to get dog attention.

Teach effective commands:

And “come back” are some command which best work in a situation when you dog attacked on someone. Come away common tend him to leave this task and come over to you.  It’s too important to teach these common to control unexpected situation. Teach this command in home yard reward theory.

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