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Easy Homemade Winter Treats for Dogs


Winter is not so excited for dog as well as humans as it lowers their outdoor activities. In winter season dog will soon feels boring as they spend most of time in home. You have to done something interesting to keep them active and healthier. Involve your dog in puzzles games which give them a gift after completing the puzzle. It’s excited job for them. Treats become as necessary in winter season as there is no alternative to makes your dog happier. Here we bring some quick and easy making homemade dog treat really works best.

Bacon bits:


Bacon bits are taster dog treat from ever. Pet dogs love to Bacon bits.  There are lots of recipes to bake Bacon bits or biscuits give warmth nutrition in winter. Apple cheddar and bacon bit dog biscuits are easily made in home. Let come on and try to make this heather dog treat.


•    1½ cup of white floor
•    1 ½ cup of wheat floor
•    2tbs of muffled butter
•    2tbs of olive oil
•    1 egg
•    8 ounces cheddar or cheese (grate sharp)
•    Apple peals
•    2tbs parsley
•    3tbs of bacon bits
•    1 cup of fresh milk

How to make Bacon bits biscuits:

Take egg, butter olive oil and whip them together in mixture bowl then add milk, mix more,  slowly add flours grater apples, cheeses, parsley, and bacon bits and smoothly mix them nicely without stopping hand.  Stop you hand when it make smooth dough for cookies. I add little amount of water or milk if you feel it dry.  Now spread the dough smoother over the counter top after sprinkling floor underneath it.  Cut the dough in required shapes and give final touch with cheeses and parsley. Let it to stick nicely over the doughty. Prepares cookies for backing, keep them over the lightly coated baking sheet and put them in pre-heated over at 375o. Let them back for 20-30 minutes until dough nicely cooked and changed in golden brown. Now it ready to serve to your dog.  Let them cool in home temperature and then store in air tie jar.

Peanut butter ball:


Butter and peanut are delicious winter treat keep your dog happy and energetic.  Here I’m going to tell peanut butter, banana and oat ball dog treat.  Once your dog eat this ball he becomes crazier for it. These ball easily prepared in home with little effort.  You can add anything which like by dog. Most people add chocolate chip with peanut butter but in our last article we explain very well that chocolate it not good for dog heath.


•    1 Ripe banana
•    3tbs peanut butter
•    1 ½ cups of oats

How to make peanut butter and banana balls:

Take 1 ripe banana, peanut butter and oats and mix them nicely in mixture bowl. Use hand or mixer for this task. Hand mixing work best. Take required amount of mix, generally 1 teaspoon, and make a ball then roll ball in the oat for delicious coating. It look tasty must liked by you friendly dog.

Pumpkin dog treats:


Pumpkin is most common table scarp throughout the winter season. It’s interesting time for your pet dog. Dogs love to eat pumpkin if you offer them in best way. Pumpkin and banana dog treats are budget treats ever make dog happier as well as you.


•    1 ripe banana
•    ½ fresh or can pumpkin puree
•    1 tbs honey
•    1½ cup whole wheat flour
•    ½ tsp of baking powder

How to make Pumpkin and banana treats:


Take ripe banana, pumpkin puree and honey and mix them in bigger bowl. Used hand for this purpose. Now add prescribed amount of flour and baking powder in mixer and again mix until it become dry dog. If you feel is wet add extra amount of flour to bring it in dry form.  Sprinkle flour over the cutting board and make smooth rolls and spread like a bread then cut it in required shapes and size with cookies cutter molds.  Bake cookies in pre-heated oven at 350of for 10-12 minutes and convert in light golden color. Cover the cookies try with parchment paper before placing it oven.  Roll it out from the oven and let them cool at room temperature.  Store it in air tied jar.

Homemade carrot+ apple dog treat:


Carrot is heather table scrape for dog as it richly packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K. vitamin B8, iron and copper.  It’s yummy gift for your pet dog when he does good job.  Carrot and apple dog treat easy made at home.


•    ½ cup carrot
•    3/4Unsweetened applesauce or fresh apples
•    Brown sugar
•    1 Egg
•    1 ¾ cup Wheat floor
•    ¼ cup Oats
•    1tsp Honey
•    1tsp Cinnamon

How to make carrot+ apple dog treat:

Take puree carrots and apples and mix then with oat, brown sugar, honey and cinnamon in large mixing bowl and the add wheat flour and egg and smoothly stir them to make smooth dough. Now prepare dough for biscuit cutting.  Spread flour over the counter top and make bread with pizza wheel. Cut the bread in required shapes and keep them in 375o pre-heated over for backing. Bake them for 10-15 minutes. If you want crunchy treat them backed it for 25-30 minutes.

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