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Today here we bring variety of box to make pet toys storage. These boxes are made of with different material. Some boxes are in as design that your pet can enjoy toys on self base. In these storage boxes wide range of toys can store easily.  With wheel box you can easily move it from one room to other or close to your pet. Look below!

Wood Made Dog Toy Box:

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Get personalize wood made box to store your dog toy. Floor set toy box opening with top smooth tray. Front of toy box has a dog bone primitive. With large opening you can easily store the number of toys. Select your favorite color for paint the dog toy box. Natural wood box is durable and hard material.

Self Feeing Dog Toy Box:

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Self feeding box has a small opening at bottom that helps you in storage the dog toy. You can fill the box from top and bottom edge helps your dog in getting the toy easily. Dog toys that laying all over the floor now you keep them in attractive box. You can label the dog toy box with brown base.

Big Size Toy Box:

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Modern style toy box has a big size in which you can make individual storage of dog toys. With side handle move easily the box to arrange in any corner of the home. With Flat base of dog toy box you can place it on wood floor. You dog on self base can get and store the toys if you well train it.

Wine Barrel Use for Dog Toys Storage:

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Recycle wine barrel into dog toy box. Its creative idea to safe budget and can make wide storage of toys. These one dog toy box features wide opening that help your dog to retrieve toys after play. Nicked pleated feet of wine barrel protect your home wood floor.

Black Paw Pet Toys Storage Box:

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Its charming looks pet toy box paint in white and made of wood. Four legged of box keep it up from the floor to easy clean the floor. Black paw are print on sturdy dog toy box. You can store balls, chew toys, and discs in this big size toy box.

Wood Pallet Tier Toy Box:

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Rustic wood pallet toy box is a best storage place. Black tier are arrange with wood pallet box to easy move on carpet floor. You can bring toy box in living room where your pet can play in an open environment. Deep inside bottom of toy box has ability to storage number of toys.

Wicker Basket for Pet Toy Storage:

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Recycle your wicker basket that once lived in your kitchen. You can set the big size basket with store room wall. In Hard wicker basket wide range of pet toy can store. Your pet can pick up any toys easily close to the basket.

Luxury Pet Toy Box:

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For your lovely friend you should buy luxury toy box or bag. Long strap are stitch with square form pet toy box to easy move in home. With top open style box you can store small to big size toys. Toy box is washable when become dirty.
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