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What Should You Do When Dog Excessive Lick You

When you’re dog excessive licking you, you should understand express affection or want to say something. A few licks not a big problem but if your god licks you and your guest than situation may be difficult. Obsessive licking is a sign of heightened anxiety. Dogs do such licking habit to taste things, known about new people, new animals. When dog licks your hand, face, ankle become moist it worst and trouble. Learn from below how to curb your dog licking.

Ignore Your Dog Licking Habit:

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•    Don’t scold your dog when licking you otherwise your dog mind creates reaction of clicking behavior.
•    Stop what you are doing and leave the room when dog prolonged licking. This reaction reinforce your dong mind that licking will not right.

Change Your Bathing Soap Or Lotion:

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Your dog licking behave may be due to scent or taste that you use in daily routine. Try using unscented bathing soap or lotion and judge now your dog licking you or not.

Use Citrus-Scented Product Of Skin:

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Use citrus-scented product on your skin that keep away dog from licking you. These are exception and dogs repulsed by its smell and taste.

Keep Dog Occupied With Toys:

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Arranged a range of toys that keep your dog mind happy, if toys challenged dog mind these will help undesired behave like excessive licking you.

Medicate Your Dog:

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If you dog licking become part of anxiety than talk with veterinarian that medicate dog relate to it’s behave.
•    Fluoxetine is a medicine that prescribed for pet anxiety.
•    Clomipramine medicine help dog to remove obsessive behave like excessive licking.

Reinforce Alternative Behave:

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One best way to stop from licking is reinforce alternative behavior. Incompatible behavior is a situation that occupies dog mouth and keeps away from licking.
•    Play a game with your dog that will distract dog from clicking. You can make physical difficult for dog to lick you.
•    Try to make gossip with your dog when lick you it may become less the behavior.

Give Exercise Your Dog:

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A long walk at outdoor place can help in reveling stress and reducing desire of licking you. After that rewarding your dog in this manner dog will feel calm and behave normal.

Train Dog to Lick Just On Command:

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Give training your dog will acceptable for her that licks you when you command.

Select A Word To Initiate Click Or Kiss You.

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Hold your hand while saying the word you select. In start of training use a small piece of meat in your hand to promote licking. You can follow this training only when your dog dot aggressive for food.
Wait to see if dog follow your command and lick you if not repeat the word.

Be Consistent:

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You don’t praise your dog lick you one day and next day you scold you, this behave make confuse the dog. Give time to her to understand what you want or desire from her. For any type of training require time, patience and your cool behaves.

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