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Why Dog Digging and How Can You Stop Them


Like other wild and Canidae family member have natural ability to dig dens and holes necessary for their survival. Domestic dogs are not exempt from this natural habit. They dig holes, Backyard, floor, carpet and even bed. There is a reason behind it.  In wild dog dig dens for shelter, raising their young, prey and protecting them from extreme weather condition. There is also some reason behind the domestic dog digging habit. Let come on talk what are the actual factor behind it.

Making a way to escape:


If you dog are feeding-up from their owner or same boring routine he tries his best to escape.  Home is prison for dog as generally have licentious nature. They want to move without any restriction. Sometime they try to escape when they feel fear and unsecure. Digging is natural behavior however you can reduce and or lower it tendency but do not totally stop it.  If you find digging spots along and under the fence in backyard then be alert your dog is making a way to escape.


Discourage dog digging behavior through removing the basic incentive which encourage the digging behavior.
•    Provide safe and secure environment.
•    Make sure the availability of all basic. Entertain the dog in positive way.
•    Do all things to secure the boundary through stronger fence.
•    Covers the area along the fence with bury wire.
•    Place rocks and heavy stone under the fence   that you dog do not dig them.


Dog is energetic andplayful animal spend most of time in different activities.  They dig floor, yard and other ting when they stubborn from the same routine.  Game or toys become a part of his routine   have no charm for them. This one is the major reason to motivate him to dig the ground.


It’s so simple to stop digging habits by involving dog in other activities if they motivate to dig ground, backyard and bedding. How can you entertain your dog?
•    Take your dog for daily walk to nearest Dog Park and other place where they spend good time.
•    Do not let you dog alone in backyard for long time.
•    Provide a playmate if you have no enough time to spend with then.
•    Puzzles games and toys are best option to entertain dogs.

Feeling lonely:

Dogs are social and friendly pet enjoy the company of their owner, family member, other dogs. They need a true company with which they play and spend happy and cheerful time.   When dog are alone and have no activity to do they start digging.


It‘s too difficult to live alone in home without any company. Toys and puzzles games are not enough to keep a dog happy. He dig ground to  keep him busy so if you do feel lonely take them in public place where they meet with different peoples and dog park  to play with  other dog  of it family. The best way of discourage a dog form digging backyard to bring another dog for his company. It’s better than living alone.

 Separation or Anxiety:

Dogs show stronger reaction while they make aggression due to anxiety and separation reason. Ground digging is one of the most common reasons which aroused form the nature way of living.  They dig anything comes in their access like carpet, bedding, backyard and floor.


Separation is the main reason of digging ground. The above two reason is also the main source of Separation.  Dog’s shows anger and anxiety when they neglected from their owners. The adopt attention getting behavior in which they do anything to get you interaction either negative or positive. They dig your presence so stop them from this task by;
•    Ignore their attention capturing behaviors for some time and show that you assume them a good dog.
•    Spend sufficient time which them.
•    Stay affectionate and not show negative behavior.
•    Focus on their basic training.
•    Say good bye when you leaving the home.
•    Make sure the following of obedience and discipline.

Moderate the body temperature:


In summer there is greater threat for heat stroke in dog.  They need moderate temperature to survive. Too heat and too cold is not good for them. Like his wild fellows he digs ground to get cooler place in hot day and warmer corner in chill season. Soft and shaded corner is ideas place for dog for resting. It perfectly matched with their natural habitat.  If the dog is digging ground under the shaded areas such as underneath the tree, bushed and furniture then hundred presently they need cool or warmth place.


Dog also dig ground to get secure and cool area. By following steps we can able to stop digging behavior in dogs.
•    In hot and extremely cold season bring in your pet dog in home.
•    Provide comfortable and relaxed bedding.
•    If you tend to keep them out of the house make sure the shelter is secure and comfortable to provide best housing in extreme weather conditions.
•    Feed your dog good quality food and supply fresh water throughout the day.

Try to hunt underground dwelling:


If you found random digging hole in backyard or other area from your dog then the most common reason behind it is that they try to hunt moles, rats, rodent, bugs and other underground dwelling.  They also dig ground to find buried thing such as bones etc.  Dog frequently focus on same area in garden or digging is the sing of preying. They also dig the ground near the tree roots and in flower bed.  You can follow this precaution to reduce the backyard digging.


•    Find the burrow and holes of underground dwelling and use safest method to fence them.
•    Make your garden unattractive for insects and rodents.
•    Fence the boundaries adorned such areas if you dog failed in other method keep the away from these areas.
•    Provide   such underground dwelling twice in a week to lower the interest of the dogs.

Eating dirt:

Digging is the natural trait of the dog.  Eating dirt or poop is also a reason of digging ground because the dirt or poop has the nutrients and vitamins. The dog tries to get mineral and vitamins by eating dirt if there is a lack of minerals in their body. Dog also eat their own feces and poops to cover the lacking of such minerals and vitamins.


•    Provide the supplement in their diet to cover the required amount of minerals and vitamin in dog body.
•    Involve you dog in new and attractive actives that your dog learns to ignore poop in backyard or public places.
•    Add pumpkin, canned pineapple and meat   which tenderized in dog diet which discourage dog to eat their feces.

Hiding their favorite:

Dog have natural instinct for preservation food for future. They did ground to conceal his favorite food or treat which he does not want to share with other.  He also stash away his toys and shelter item as it‘s natural.


•    Provide sneaky space and material to conceal toys and favorite by the dog.
•    Convince them no one touching their properties.
•    Provide such item in their diet that they want to eat again and again.

Caring their young:

During mating and breeding season female dog dig holes. They also dig to provide secure and comfortable shelter to their pups and protection for predators.


•    Provide a comfortable and secure corner in matting season where the mother takes care of their pups without any threat.
•    Make sure that there is not threat of predator.


Terriers are common dog breed naturally have an ability to dig ground for bred and hunting.

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