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Designer Dog ‘Cockapoo’ as Affectionate Pet


Cockapoo is the mix bread designer dog. They can cross bread of cocker spaniel and poodle. It is the lovely companion dog. They can family companion dogs. Cockapoo is originated from United States. It is also known as fashionable dog. It is suitable family dog keep as pet with friendly mood.

Life span;

Their life span is approximately 10 to 12 years.

Physical appearance;


It is the cute medium size puppy. It can have loose curls hairs. Their coat color is in vast range such as white, black, silver, tan, beige, brown and cream color. Their body is also having white spots. Their body size is 14 to 15 inches. Their body weight is also 10 to 30 pounds varies from their growing age.

Personality traits;


They are soft natured dog. They can affectionate with their owner families as well as any stranger. He is playful and energetic dog so; they can easily bind their owner family. The feeling of separation can indulge is anxiety state. In this condition they can show anger with barking, destroying and chewing anything.

Litter size;

Cockapoo litter size about 4 to 6 puppies.



This cute puppy grooming is essential for their look. Cute puppies can also having curly hairs which need brush their hairs regularly. Trim their extra hairs on body near the eyes or wears. They also need bath when they can dirty.



Cockapoo dog is also need regular exercise. When you keep as pet then take care of their daily exercise. You must have daily walked on outside of the house or park. They can also playful and enjoyable dog it can play with balls and toys.



Cockapoo is intelligent and friendly dog so, their training is easier. They can pick quickly your instructions. Cockapoo can surprise their owner with their quick accepting ability. When you keep as pet then trained their pet dog with positive reinforcement.



Cockapoo is designer dog. They can live indoor setting with their owner families. They can have indoor bedding with their owner bed. They live happily with families.



They can require ¾ cup high quality dry food in to two meals. I also suggest this quantity food give your Cockapoo dog for their good health.

Health and care;


Cockapoo is a healthy dog but they can suffer from some disease such as ear problems, prone liver disease, cataracts and Patellar luxation. When you pet indulge in these diseases then proper veterinary check up is must given. Their vaccination is also most important for their long healthy life.

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