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Designer Cavoodle Dog are Best Pets


Gentle, good-looking, affectionate Carvoodle dog is designer dogs gain popularity due to its lovely behaviors and love with family. Cavapoo, Cavipoo, Cavadoo are different name used to call Cavoodle dog is hybrid breed crossbreed poodle   and Cavalier King Charles. Cavoodle dog originated to Australia and become popular dog breed as they have minimal health problem suitable for those people who face different allergies. Small family oriented   owner also prefer Cavoodle dog as pet.



Smaller Cavoodle dog have thick and soft coat   with wavy or straight hair variations. Medium length muzzle, larger brown eyes and floppy ears make it more beautiful. Cavoodle dog have different long coat in gold, cream, tan, brown, black with making or without marking as their have different features vary from dog to dog as they are cross breeding dogs. These dogs are smaller in size with a height length of 25 to 38 cm and weight between 5 to 12 kg and found in variation depend on parent’s appearance.

Life span


Cavoodle dog have average 12 to 15 year life expectance in captivity.



Cavoodle dog are highly energetic, intelligent, loyal and gentle in nature. These are social gogs affectionate with kids and other pets.   They pick up anything in short time with regular training and greater interaction with humans. Cavoodle dog are designer breed  look playful and attractive yet they grab attention through their well behaviors with kids. These dogs highly attempt to protect its family as they bark in higher tendency. They bark on every unknown man pass in front of home that why they considered as indoor pet.



Cavoodle dog are suitable pet for small home or apartment owners as they   best live within homes. They love to live with energetic and highly active family as it love fun and take interest in watching TV. They freely move from room to room   and mostly sit on couch beside the family members.



Cavoodle dog is highly prone to tarter that built in their teeth that lead to gingivitis need proper attend while serving food to your pet. High quality dry food is suitable for pet dogs.



Cavoodle dog   have differ shedding and non-shedding coats depend on their breed yet both need proper grooming. Clip their coat   to protect your dog from fall down. They may have poodle-like coat which need high level of grooming. Brush their coat regularly to remove dead hairs and oil skins. Dried their floppy east to avoid any infection or   also brush teeth regularly.



Cavoodle dog also get high level of intelligence from their crossbreed parents. They are quick show obedience in learning process they do everything that you recommended them. Firstly   became housed house training. Just tell them they way going to toilet from them point where they sleep. Don’t used harsh and hard handed behaviors while training. Their training needs some patience, softness, fairness and consistency as they feel fun during training.

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