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Dalmatian Dog as Energetic Pet



Dalmatian dog is large dog bread. White based black or liver spotted pretty dog is looking beautiful .as their appearance people like it and keep as pet. It is also known as companion dog.  Now a day, it is popular as family dog. Dalmatian is the sleek athletic dog so they can serve many capacities such as hunting circus performance and firehouse.


Dalmatian dog origin area is Croatia.

Life span:

Dalmatian dogs approximately life span is 10 to 12 years.

Physical appearance:


Dalmatian dog is large sized smooth coat strong muscular dog. As their appearance it is beautiful dog.  Their skull is long or flat at the top. White color base with black and liver spotted appearance of this dog. Their nose is black brown or may be grey colored.  Blue and blue combination round medium sized eyes can prominent on their face. Their ears are also set as high with hanging down look.   Their feet are round with their arched toe shapes.

Fact about appearance:


It is secret fact about their physical appearance. When Dalmatian dog puppy is born their coat is completely white and their spots are appearing later.


Their male height is 22 to 24 inches. Female height is 20 to 22 inches.


Their maximum weight is 55 pounds.

Coat color:

Their basic coat is white with black or liver spots.



Dalmatian dogs are intelligent and very energetic dog. They are happy companion dog. They are good runner dog so they need leadership of human companion for leads this dog. They love children ad play with their owner children.  They are very socialized dog. They can excess need of plenty of exercise because they fell in behavioral problems. They can well behave with other pet of their owner.



Dalmatian dogs coat is short and smooth. They can need brush weekly with soft rubber brush on their coat. Brush their teeth thee time in a week for their pet Dalmatian dog. Trim their nail twice in a month to save any kind of danger and painful tears. Check their ear nose and eyes weekly and clean with soft cottons balls. You may also bath when they need. No need more than three or four times in a year because essential oil is remove on their skin and dry or flaky their skin.

 Living conditions:


Dalmatian dogs can very active in indoor setting. They can do best in backyard of the home. When you can keep as pet then provide indoor living set up. Cold climate is not suitable for outdoor setting. So take care of their pet living.



Dalmatian dogs are very energetic dog so they need to long brisk walk or jogging. When you can keep then take care of their long daily walk. They love to run. It’s your responsibility to care on their daily walk and running session. Wen they cannot provide daily walk then they can indulge in destructive activities and other behavioral problems. So take care of their daily walk.

Litter size:


Usually their litter size is 6 to 9 puppies in one litter.



Dalmatian dogs required 1.5 to 2 cup of high quality dry food that can divided into two meals. This food quantity is perfect for adult dog. Their food quantity is changed as their age or size. So take care of their pet Dalmatian dog.

Health problems:


Dalmatian dogs generally a healthy dog but they can fell in certain diseases. They can prey such disease like hereditary deafness, skin allergies urolithiasis, iris sphincter dysplasia hip dysplasia and many other diseases. When your pet Dalmatian is fell in such disease then quickly take over the veterinary doctor ad treat well. Annually check up is must take your pet dog for their long healthy life.
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