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Coton De Tulear as “Companion” Dog Pet



Coton de Tulear is the affectionate and companion dog.  This smart little size dog is also having cottony and fluffy coat. They can originate from Madagascar. They are related to Maltese and Bichon fries. They love to people and live with them. They are well trainer dog. They can enjoy with playing and daily walk. They are indoor dog.  As their qualities they are famous in dog lovers. So people are like and keep as pet in home setting.

Life span:

Their approximately life span is 14 to 16 years.

Physical appearance:


Coton is the French word of the cotton. As their name Coton de Tulear is refer to their cottony and fluffy rather than silky coat. As their appearance they are smart and active dog bread. On their face their black nose is prominent. They can also having large wide round dark colored expressive eyes that can cover by bangs. Their ears are in triangular and high set. Their leg is in short size.  Their tail is also curled over the back.


Their male dog maximum height is 25 to 30 cm and female height is 22 to 27 cm.


Male 4 to 6 kg, Female 3.5 to 5 kg

Coat color:

White, tricolor, black, grey &white, lemon &white black &white



Coton de Tulear is the Playful, intelligent and affectionate dog bread.  They are very sociable dog with children and other animals. They can also know as companion dog. They are also a great watch dog.  They can quick learner so they are easily trainable. They can need leadership. Wen you can keep as pet then make sure to this dog make confident consistent pack leader and prevent the small dog syndrome and any other behavioral problems.



Coton de Tulear dog is loved to play and swim. They can also enjoy wide open space where they play agility skills trials and catch. They can also daily long daily walk and happy in family situation.



They long hairs required daily grooming. Daily brushing on their coat for remove dead hairs. You may also trim their pads hairs and inner the ears. They can o need for bathing more than twice a year. When you can keep as pet then must take care about their cleanliness.

Living condition:


Coton de Tulear dog is basically indoor dog. They can active in indoor home apartment setting. So you must take care about their indoor living.

Liter size:


Coton de Tulear dog s having 4 to 6 puppies in one litter.

Health issues:

Coton de Tulear dogs are basically healthy dog but some bread is suffered from hip dysplasia, luxating patellas, progressive retinal atrophy. When you can own as a pet then must take care about their health and take way from their veterinary doctor for proper treatment.

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