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Cheerful Cairn terrier Dog Life Fact



The oldest breed of Cairn terrier dog first originates in the Scottish highland and recognize as working dog. Cairn name suggested for this breed because its function was hunt and chase. The name Cairn terrier was a compromise after the dog officially show in United Kingdom under the name short-haired Skye terrier. But kennel club don’t accepted the name and alternative suggest Cairn terrier.



Cairn terrier is hardly short dog that give fox like expression. Shorter head with strong muzzle its define t medium length. The teeth of dog meet in a scissors. The dogs has other features like black nose, wide eyes with shaggy eyebrow and topknot, erect ear and tail covered with short hair.  Shaggy double coat of dog that is weather resistance and soft comes in except white, red, blackish, brindle, gray color.

Life Duration:

A2 to 17 years

Height & Weight:

Weight, 10-16 lb
Height, 9-13 inch




After one grooming the outer coat ruin it with scissors. Hand stripping means remove the old dead hair from roots but if done incorrectly cause discomfort to the dog. So remove the hair in well manner and after that new growth of hair protect from water and dirt. Brush several times in a week and once time a month give bath. Trim around the eyes and ears with blunt scissors.



Cairn terrier is little, loyal, cheerful, and friendly nature dog that enjoy children company. You can teach trick to your pet cairn terrier.  If you give enough mental and physical exercise to your dog it will lead to easy and calm life. These dogs need firm but not harsh discipline, training. Without your proper leadership naughty behavior adopts the dog and bark excessively.



Cairn terrier are active dog so daily walk need them. If you don’t take on daily walk display behavior problem accrue in dog. In a safe open area such as fence yard dog play romp. According to Temple Grandin written book “ animal make us human” say that daily 45 minutes per hour time need for dog playing and seeking.


Often allergic to fleas occur in cairn. Others problem that’s grown due to injuries and infection. Easily weight gains the Cairn terrier. Other common health problems are!
•    Entropion
•    Luxating patella
•    Soft tissue sarcoma
•    Cataracts

Living Condition:


Cairn terrier pet live happily in an apartment life. Strongly fenced yard recommended around open space where your dog can walk and play.

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