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Canaan Dog as Watchful Pet

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Canaan Dog is Playful, obedient, active, and healthier dog. All these characteristics meet with your requirement you wants to look in your dog. Bring Canaan dog in home to enjoy it priceless companionship.


Canaan Dog is Pariah dog breed member originated in Ancient Canaan.  They also know as national breed of Israel as well as world oldest breed reorganizations. Mostly this breed founds in European and North America regions.


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Canaan Dog is primitive wild dog in Canaan. These dog is ancient breed evolve about thousands years ago originated in Canaan, the biblical land. Dr. Rudolpina Menzel crowned to introduce wild dog as guard dog. She take start from bringing and training intelligent dog as guarding dog  and her found this intelligent and quick learning breed which easily trains as pet dog in 1930.

Later she offers this dog to Military in 1934 and founded an instauration in 1949 that work for orientation and mobility of blind and also train Canaan dog which help and works for blinds. After Menzel this program continued by Dvora Ben Shaul and Myrna Shiboleth. Later all dog association and clubs recognized Canaan dog as individual breed.

Life span:

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Average life expectancy of Canaan Dog is about 12-15 years.

Litter size:

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4-6 puppies:

Other name:

•    Israeli Parish
•    Kelef K’naani

Physical description:

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Squarely build medium size dog having wedge shape head, and muzzle slightly longer then skull. Almond shape eyes, erect ears, round nose shaded in different color in relation to coat color. Dense and double coat is in seven different shades. Outer coat is denser due to harsh and straight hair either in short or medium length while undercoat has ability to moderate profuse according to season to protect the dog from extreme weather effects.

Profuse coat are find in black, brown, sandy, tan, red, and liver color with white marking while white coat is in color marking. Arched neck, stronger bone body and straight leg create powerful frame. Cat-like paw and medium tail are other features of this playful dog.


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Self-reliant, active, intelligent, devoted, defensive, and obedience are true word to explain Canaan dog personality. They are excellent guard and watch dog work in defensive prospective. They react against stranger but affectionate with family and children. They quickly learn everything accept challenging task and solve them quickly as it surprises you.

They show positive response in training. They bark a lot keep you alter during threat and unexpected situations. Active, docile and friendly nature of Canaan dog make it favorite dog of such owner who really want youthful and active breed to enjoy their companionship. Canaan dog do not stay comfortable with other dog s they like dominant leadership and authority. So keep in under training of such experts who capable to teach him, it’s bad behavior to show aggression to other dogs.

Living condition:

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Canaan Dog are active dog like happy in open area having lot of space for different activities. They moderately active in indoor living if have enough backyard space. Outdoor living is suitable for Canaan Dogs because they dense coat protect them during extreme weather condition either hot or cold.


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Canaan Dog is active and healthier dog not like to sit free. They are working and watchful dog spend most of time in different activities. They need lot of exercise if they spend apartment living yet countryside like is best place to keep them happy. Challenging metal and physical actives also required along with daily walk. Grooming:


Canaan Dog is basically healthier breed have no issue of genetic health problems. I considered one the healthier breed. So be relaxed about its health.


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Canaan dog are heavier shedding coat and also clean nature, they do not have bad odor like other dog. They keep their coat clean by own. So they need lower grooming. Just comb or brush their coat once a week and give more attention in shedding season.
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