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Bolognese Dog as Companion Pet




Bolognese dog are belong to bichon family. In this family such bead are included like Maltese Lowchen Havanese bichon fries. They are ancient bread so their noble origin and their roots are in Italian aristocracy. Bolognese existence has been recorded since the year of 1200. Here are some famous owners who can keep this bread such as Madame de pompadour empress Maria Theresa of Austria is included. In 1990 this bread is brought is England by Liz Stannard in bread registry. In 2002 is firstly introduced as annual international dog.


They can originate from Italy.

Life span:

Bolognese dog approximately life span is 14 years.

Physical appearance:


Bolognese puppies are small size compact full white dog. Their coat is long fluffy and with white colored. Their head is medium length. Their skull is egg shaped in straight direction which well developed frontal bones. The nose of this dog is long and must in black colored. They have well open medium size eyes with black rimmed eyelids. Their ears are set at high and long hanging but rigid at base. Their tail is curved over the back.


Male height is 27 to 30 cm and female height is 25 to 28 cm.


Their body weight is 5 to 9 pounds.

Coat color:


Their long and fluffy coat is in white color.

Personality traits:


Bolognese dog is the shy but companion dog.  They can enjoy people companionship and especially their owner. They can playful happy and vivacious dog. They can display good behavior with other animals. They can also friendly with any strangers who come at home. They are active ad happy in indoor setting but show tumble and rough attitude in outside. They can also indulge in some behavioral problems such as separation anxiety. When their owner cannot pay attention on them then they howl mournfully.



Bolognese dog are excess need to grooming for their long fluffy or curly coat. They ca required daily brushing and need to monthly grooming session. When you can keep as pet then take away for their grooming club for complete grooming session.



Bolognese dog are active little dog so they need a daily walk. They can like to play ad needs lot of exercise. They need 20 to 25 minutes walk couple time in a day. These dogs are not go to daily walk and show behavioral problems. They can enjoy in safe open are such as large fenced covered yard.



Bolognese dog are good trainer dog and quick respond for your instruction. They can respond well when you can give positive reinforcement and consistency. When you can shout and harshness during training then they do not respond well. So, when you can trained your Bolognese puppy then politely behave and gentle training methods.

Living condition:


Bolognese dog are love to live in apartment. Basically they are indoor dog and they can live without yard.  When you can keep as pet then take care about their living condition.

Litter size:


Normally their litter size is 3 puppies but in some conditions 6 to 7 puppies are occur in their one litter.

Health problems:


Bolognese dog are basically a healthy dog and no any major health problem. Wen you can keep as pet then take care about their health and take out their veterinary doctor for annually checkup.

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