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Black Russian Terrier as Loyal Pet

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Black Russian Terrier dog is the rare terrier bread of the dog.  They can also know as guard dog. They are lovely sociable dog. They love and play with their owner and their family. They are powerful and intelligent dog. So, people are like their lovely behavior and keep as pet in home setting.


Russia and Soviet Union

Life span:

Black Russian Terrier dog approximately life span is 10 to 14 years.

Physical appearance:

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Black Russian Terrier is large powerful dog. As their appearance they can look pretty with their black wavy coat.  They can have blocked shaped head with powerful broad skull and long head.  On their face mustache and beard on their face is looking fabulous. They can also having back colored large fully pigmented nose. They can also having round and black at the edge.

They can also having almond shaped dark eyes in medium sized with black rims. Triangular shaped ears are also having rounded pendulous. Their ears are set as high. Thick muscular neck can also give powerful look.  Their leg and feet is full of long thick hairs. Their tail is cropped and set at high. As their fully appearance they look powerful and strong dog.


Make height is 25 to 29 inches and female height is 25to 28 inches.


Their maximum weight is 80 to 143 pounds.

Coat color:

Their hard upper curly coat is black with scattered grey hairs.

Personality traits:

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Black Russian Terrier is the cam confident loyal and courageous dog. As their lovely and soft natured, people can keep as pet. They can also close for their owner. They are intelligent so they are good trainable dog. They quickly pick and follow the instruction. They can also protective fearless and determined.  They can also loyal of the owner and their family. They can also having is one f the bad habits such as shyness and excessive excitability.



Black Russian Terrier is also having hard wiry tight close lying wavy long hair coat. Their wavy long coat is need to trimming two to three time in a year. They also need brushing at least one time in a week. For best grooming they needed to remove hair of the ear and under the paw hairs.



Black Russian Terrier is love to daily long walk. They can also like playing and romp to entertain. Most of dogs can love snow and water. They can happy to roll in snow and splash in the water.


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As their body requirement they needed 3 top 4.5 cup of dry food into two meals.

Living condition:

Black Russian Terrier is best living in apartment life. They can live to close their owner. If you kept in garden then follow for you window to window and wait for their owner at the door.  They love to human and close with them.

Litter size:

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Their maximum litter size is 6 to 12 puppies.

Health and care:

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Black Russian Terrier is basically healthy dog. They can also suffer some major or minor problems. Hip dysplasia elbow dysplasia hyperuricosuria hypertrophic osteodystrophy panosteitis eyes and heart disease. They can suffer from Allergies hot spot and fungal infection. When you can keep ass pet then take are about tem and take out their veterinary doctor for treatment.
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